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Y-cruncher Free [2022]

y-cruncher is a command-line based application. It offers a robust framework for performing Pi calculations. The different Pi computation operations can be easily controlled through command-line switches.
The application provides a command-line editor interface, a persistent data storage as well as some other features, all of which help users to perform Pi calculation tasks more easily and efficiently.
The application can also be used to compute Pi on the command-line. It will perform the calculation according to Pi class, once a calculation is selected, depending on the chosen RAM, Pi can be computed in at most 1.85 GB with 3 decimal digits or in at most 13.3 trillion digits with 8 decimal digits.
The application can be used to perform Pi benchmarking tests. It will provide a brief time of execution as well as provide a brief report. It is also possible to set multiple data input sources and redirect the input data to the application. Further, it can be used for performing stress tests on the Pi RAM, as well as enabling users to extract 1, 2, 3 or 4,5,6 decimal digits from the Pi number, depending on the class and the RAM size selected. Further, the application offers two decimal digit viewer features, allowing users to view decimal digits and extract digits from the Pi number they want to view.
It can be used to perform I/O profiling tests, in order to get an idea on the I/O performance capabilities of PCs. Depending on the output mode selected, it will provide information on the size of the read or write file, the amount of data transferred, the times of creation of all processes that were needed as well as, where available, the I/O performance and the number of jobs that were started.
For easier understanding, the application also enables people to perform Pi calculations on the command-line.
Version Final Release:
After an extensive beta testing period with the program users, y-cruncher v1.0.0.0 final is released.
The application provides a robust framework for performing Pi calculations. The different Pi computation operations can be easily controlled through command-line switches.
The application provides a command-line editor interface, a persistent data storage as well as some other features, all of which help users to perform Pi calculation tasks more easily and efficiently.
The application can also be used to compute Pi on the command-line. It will perform the calculation according to Pi class, once a calculation is selected

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The y-cruncher Product Key:
y-cruncher Activation Code is designed as a comprehensive CPU benchmarking and performance test tool for all the registered users of the net.
It was developed by a dedicated team with an interest in mental math, symbolic logic, computation and number crunching.
The application is provided as open-source software, free of charge. Users are encouraged to write new tests in order to make it even better and easier to use.
Simple operations
Advanced operations
Features of y-cruncher Cracked Version
Special features of y-cruncher Crack Mac
What is a CPU?
What is a CPU benchmarking?
Difference between CPU and FPU?
What are Math Functions?
Which are the Math Functions implemented in y-cruncher?
What are the different Math Functions found in y-cruncher?
How many Math Functions?
Can y-cruncher work with C++?
How is y-cruncher’s performance?
Graphical representations of y-cruncher’s output
What settings can y-cruncher use?
What does y-cruncher support?
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How y-cruncher’s settings are stored?
Can y-cruncher use.NET?
What does y-cruncher use?
What does y-cruncher use?
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What additional features does y-cruncher have?
Can y-cruncher work with Redmine project management?
What’s the y-cruncher?
Is y-cruncher open-source software?
What’s y-cruncher?
y-cruncher project on github
How to get y-cruncher?
Prerequisites of y-cruncher
y-cruncher itself
y-cruncher’s executable and its supporting files
Print culture
y-cruncher’s help command
Installing y-cruncher
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What are

Y-cruncher Crack Patch With Serial Key Download

y-cruncher is a command line based
application that enables people to easily
benchmark number crunching operations on
their personal computers.

The application has been developed for
Linux, but it can be run on other platforms.
Using y-cruncher is very easy and

In its default mode, the
application will calculate Pi up to 13.3
trillion digits.
The program also allows people to
select specific decimal digits of Pi,
other values for calculating constants
such as Golden Ratio, Phi or the
cubic root of three, among other
related numbers.

With y-cruncher, it is possible to
easily compute the number of digits of
Pi, based on the number of available

The utility also provides world
records, thanks to the hard work of
many people.

Furthermore, y-cruncher features a
simple text file format, allowing users
to save their time on formatting the

The utility computes the result up to
13.3 trillion decimal digits (13.3
exactly), but it supports any number of
digits, up to the file system maximum
block size.

y-cruncher is not a screen saver or
clock, but it definitely belongs in
that category, as it’s an extremely
useful utility for people who are
generally concerned with
computational power.
y-cruncher requires a text based
interface to be used, but this
inconvenient aspect does not
represent a problem for people who
are already familiar with the
command-line oriented editor, as it
has a simplistic interface, though it
does not offer the level of
customization or
configurability that some other
applications provide.

y-cruncher is free software and
can be downloaded for all major
operating systems from:

y-cruncher is available from the
software manager of most Linux

Since version 2.1 of the program, it is
now possible to compute other
constants using y-cruncher:

GOLDEN RATIO: The golden
ratio is the mathematical constant
with the ratio 1:1.6180339887
EUROGOLD: The eurogold was
established by

What’s New In?

y-cruncher, is a command-line based application for people to evaluate the capabilities of their computers when it comes to performing number crunching operations.
Although y-cruncher is a single-instance application, it supports multiple output formats such as CSV files or both plain text and HTML files.
Compatible with all current Linux and Windows operating systems, y-cruncher offers a user-friendly interface that will help people to access various features.
y-cruncher comes with a primary simple approach for easy learning and performing various benchmark tests.

With a sample output, this utility will indicate whether the selected operation has been completely successful and the amount of time it took.

Supported operating systems:


Windows XP:

Download y-cruncher for Windows XP

Windows 7:

Download y-cruncher for Windows 7

Loki OS:

Download y-cruncher for Loki OS


Download y-cruncher for Mac OS


Download y-cruncher for Linux

Linux Mint:

Download y-cruncher for Linux Mint

Once downloaded, y-cruncher has to be installed manually. To do this, users will be directed to a simple interface. Apart from installing y-cruncher, they will have to create a configuration file.
The exact installation and configuration steps can be found below:

Extract y-cruncher’s archive file using a tool such as WinZip.

Drop the y-cruncher-1.0-win_1.0.zip file in the /usr/local/libexec folder or any other folder in your PC.

Create a configuration file in the y-cruncher application folder with the name config.json.

Write the needed configurations into the file.

Rename the config.json file to config.bak

Back up the file.

Open the terminal window and access the configuration file by typing cd /usr/local/libexec/y-cruncher.

Double click on config.json to open it.

Type the following commands to save configurations into the file:


The cleaner command resizes the root partition.

It is recommended that this command be executed every once in a while as it helps to prolong the life of the hard

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
1024 MB Disk Space
Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP
Mac OS X
Processor: Intel Pentium II 450 MHz or AMD Athlon XP 2400
Graphics card: 256 MB VRAM
Keyboard and Mouse
Additional Information:
Please read the README.txt file included in the download. It contains additional information about the game and hints about playing it.
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