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* Main menu screen:
– From here, users can switch the WoPeD workp…

We have developed Graphical User Interface for flow charts that is completed in JAVA, it will enable the user to build beautiful flowcharts with ease and save them as PDF, JPG or PNG images.
– Draw Shape with Stroke, Fills, Effects, Gradients and Clipping
– Customize and Set Curved Shape
– Change Shape Size and Offset
– Color Shading and Gradients
– Build Diagrams…

DriveXCell is a web-based geographic information system (GIS) for tracking and monitoring vehicle locations and speeds. Your tracker will automatically send you real time location data. It’s an app on your cell phone or tablet that can be used for state-of-the-art geofencing, location-based marketing, and volunteer supervision.
DriveXCell offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking of vehicles for a wide range of a…

The Packet Analysis Toolbox is intended to support researchers in the analysis of flow-based networking applications in in-depth and thorough methodologies. The Toolbox is accompanied by a user’s manual which includes instruction on all of the functions. Functions are grouped by three areas: CLI commands, MATLAB commands, and operator functions.
The latest version of the Packet Analysis Toolbox…

The EPIC System is an electronic survey instrument for the measurement of the ecological and biochemical parameters (metals, nutrients, etc.) of water. Its main features are easy operation and, at the same time, high precision and sensitivity.
Ecological parameters, such as the concentration of elements, are determined automatically by EPIC.
For pollutant concentration (such as the concentration of lead, c…

Gross photos of a slaughterhouse using automatic cameras
1. Introduction of the analysis equipment
Automatic cameras are equipment that can take photographs with a high degree of resolution and no loss of time, that are not exposed to the risk of being influenced, and that do not need anyone to carry them. They make use of the image analysis method to obtain data that can be used and ap…

iNew plugin, is used to migrate the photos automatically (from a node to another, or two or more nodes at the same time).
With iNew, there are 3 ways to migrate photos, all them have their own advantages:
– Select

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Main Features:
– Graphical flowchart editor with a zoom function.
– Functional flowchart editor.
– Wiring diagram editor with annotations.
– Petri net editor.
– Temporal Petri net editor.
– Hyperflow graph editor.
– Animation editor.
– Graphic view of Petri net.
– Graphic view of hyperflow graph.
– Fuzzy Petri net editor.
– Connection graph editor.
– Modelling cell editor.
– Support of the DAE standard.
– Execution control by palettes and buttons.
– Support of different input files (nets, text files,…).
– Support of a small run-time memory.
– Support of a large run-time memory.
– Support of the output data of simulation.
– Support of running statistics.
– Support of PDA or NRTL with or without clock.
– Support of Petri nets with or without clocks.
– Support of Petri nets with or without tokens.
– Support of Petri nets with or without tokens.
– Support of Petri nets with or without clocks.
– Support of Petri nets with or without tokens.
– Support of runs with tokens.
– Support of runs with tokenization.
– Support of tokenization.
– Support of traces.
– Support of complete or limited model search.
– Support of hierarchical Petri nets.
– Support of the evaluation of defined models or example models.
– Support of user-defined validation.
– Support of cell hierarchy.
– Support of palettes.
– Support of user groups (controlling the workflow process).
– Support of input and output variables.
– Support of paper,…

IntelliWindsor was developed as a tool for planning a business process and to quickly create a model for a process.
Our product focuses on a graphical user interface that makes it extremely easy to work and let the user create a visually appealing model.
The product consists of two parts: the Designer and the Controller.
The Designer offers a simple graphical interface that lets you interact and create models directly on your computer screen.
The Controller manages the entire work process. Its main purpose is to ensure that the design is correct and that the process is completed according to your requirements.
Another feature is its ability to automatically start and close a process in a timely manner.

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«Worflow Petri Nets» has been developed as a software application to model, analyze and simulate workflow processes. This web application enables users to model, analyze and simulate workflow processes by inputting and defining the workflow using a semi-automated or manual approach.
«WoPeD» is a workflow petri net software program. Wizzard allows users to easily work with workflow process definitions and to enhance the robustness and efficiency of their solutions. By using «Worflow Petri Nets» users can extend their workflow process definition capabilities by using an innovative class of Petri nets.
Worflow Petri Nets is a class of Petri nets, or multi-agent based, where the number of agents exceeds the number of tokens, and where the rules of information exchange and update are explicit.
Worflow Petri Nets is a Petri net designer that allows users to easily work with workflow process definitions and to enhance the robustness and efficiency of their solutions.
User interface (UI) and design
Our UI has been created in the Java programming language and therefore has become a part of Java itself. This means that as soon as the user completes the Wizard, all the user interface features are automatically embedded in Java itself.
This is a major advantage, since Java is the world leader in cross-platform solutions and it is also very well integrated into the many operating systems that are available on the marketplace.
This also means that the user can work with Java just as he or she works with other applications on the desktop. Users do not have to hunt for tools or desktop-specific development environments.
Worflow Petri Nets Description
This paper introduces the Worflow Petri Net (Worflow-PN) class of Petri nets, which extends the Petri nets, or multi-agent based, by providing a new set of mechanisms to specify an organization that becomes implicitly defined by the Petri net (PN) design and execution. In PNs, a network of agents physically exchange their ownership of tokens according to particular rules in a way that satisfies certain properties.
The basic class of Worflow PNs is the Worflow-PN, the inventors of which have been working on other Petri-net-related ideas since 1993. The basic class of PNs are the standard Petri nets, the inventors of which have been working on more general approaches since 1971.
Worflow-PN stands for WOrdflow Petri Nuc-nets and we use

What’s New in the?

WordPeach is a word processor with various innovations. Among them are a mark-up language that allows very sophisticated language features, easy viewing of word processor files on the web as well as the option to store formatted documents in PDF format.

Wordpeach allows you to use features such as template files, dictionaries and spell checkers to complete words easily, saving time and improving the readability of your documents.

All word processing functions are accessible through customizable menu icons, making Wordpeach a particularly practical tool for research and teaching.package bytebufferpool

import (

// FilePool is a byte buffer pool that operates on a sequence of input/output
// buffers from a file.
type FilePool struct {

// The file path to use for this pool.
// If empty, the file is used directly.
Path string
// If true, the underlying file is closed when the pool is closed.
Closed bool
// If true, the underlying file will be truncated to 0 bytes after the pool is closed.
TruncateOnClose bool

// If true, the underlying file will be flushed automatically after each operation.
AutoFlush bool

// newFilePool creates a new instance of FilePool.
func newFilePool(path string, options Options) (*FilePool, error) {
return newFilePoolWithOptions(path, options)

// New creates a new instance of FilePool.
func New(path string, options Options) (*FilePool, error) {
fp, err := newFilePool(path, options)
if err!= nil {
return nil, err

go fp.setup()
return fp, nil

// NewWithOptions creates a new instance of FilePool.
func NewWithOptions(path string, options Options) (*FilePool, error) {
fp, err := newFilePool(path, options)
if err!= nil {
return nil, err

go fp.setup()
return fp, nil

func newFilePoolWithOptions(path string, options Options) (*FilePool, error) {

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: 2 GHz or faster processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX9 compatible video card with 1 GB video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
Additional Notes:
The game will not work if the following Windows components are not installed:
DirectShow Filters
Advanced Streaming Media (ASF) Codecs


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