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Windows Update Troubleshooter can come in handy in situations when your computer triggers errors during the Windows update process. Designed by Microsoft itself, this small utility can identify problems based on the displayed error codes and make the necessary changes to the system so as to solve all the issues.
Find and repair Windows update errors
As its name clearly suggests, the purpose of the application is to find out what exactly prevents your computer from successfully downloading and installing the latest Windows updates.
It is capable of identifying and repairing Windows update database errors and checks whether the required DLL files are valid and properly registered.
Additionally, it can verify if the BITS DLL files are corrupted or not, repair data store detection errors, resolve problems that prevent the normal functioning of Windows Installer and correct other issues that might prevent Windows from getting the most recent updates.
Easy to use wizard to fix Windows Update
Windows Update Troubleshooter does not require installation and opens by default using the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, integrated in your operating system. Practically, it acts as any other troubleshooting wizard, aiming to find and efficiently repair problems related to Windows update.
It only takes a few clicks to have the troubleshooter identify issues that block the system updating process. By default, the fixes are automatically applied, but advanced users can change this setting. Once the operation is complete, the application displays a list of the found problems and their status.
Repair Windows update problems in an instant
With the help of the Windows Update Troubleshooter you can make sure that your computer benefits from the latest security and feature updates issued by Microsoft. It is a small, yet useful and efficient tool for all computer users, allowing them to successfully fix issues that keep Windows from updating. However, note that running the troubleshooter might result in the removal of the update history.







Windows Update Troubleshooter Keygen [April-2022]

Download and install Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix and resolve most common issues related to Windows Update

Repair Windows update database errors with the tool allowing you to create a new repair database, or select the most adequate database of your PC to repair

Windows Update Troubleshooter Features:

Automatically fix update problems,

Repair Windows Update database errors,

Check the validity of BITS data files,

Display all Windows update database errors or fixes,

Resolve Windows Update database errors.

Repair Windows Update database files,

Repair Windows Update database errors.

Windows Update Troubleshooter Supported OSes:

Windows XP,

Windows Vista,

Windows 7,

Windows 8,

Windows 8.1,

Windows Server 2008,

Windows Server 2012

Windows Update Troubleshooter Tutorial:

1. First, download Windows Update Troubleshooter (V. from the official website:

2. After the download is completed, launch the setup file and run the application.

3. You will be asked to select the appropriate options:

– Checks if your Windows update database files are damaged or not
– Restore your Windows Update database files
– Create a new repair database for your Windows Update
– Recover lost or deleted Windows Update database files
– Tell the application to find the most recent updates you installed in your computer

4. Click Next to run the application and perform the system checks in order to detect existing issues

5. After the checks are finished, a list with potential issues will be displayed.

6. Select the appropriate ones to repair:

– Windows Update database file or DLL errors
– BITS data file corruption
– Problems in the Windows Installer that prevent the normal updating process
– Invalid keys in the file database
– Invalid key or key usage in the local database

7. Click on the button “Scan & Fix” to repair Windows Update database issues

8. Once the operation is complete, click on “Scan & Fix” to automatically fix Windows update problems

9. Once the program runs, a list with the found issues and their status is displayed

10. Click on the respective button to select the appropriate solution to fix or repair Windows Update database issues.

11. Close the

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Windows Update Troubleshooter is a free utility that helps you repair Windows Update database errors, check registry entries, and identifies Windows Installer problems.
Install and remove updates automatically
Windows Update Troubleshooter is integrated with Windows so it will start right away once the program is launched. It scans your machine and checks whether the required DLL files are registered and valid, and then displays the found issues in a clear, user-friendly interface.
In case of any errors, you can easily select the fixes to be applied, or simply click the “No action” button to ensure the application only checks your installation for errors. The app also offers a detailed log with the details of the fixes.
For those with less tech savvy, the application is conveniently available in the Windows Update section where the user can select the updates that will be applied after the scan is completed.
Import and export settings to and from user profile
The options to be saved to the user profile are selected before the scan is run, and the results can be exported into the profile with the help of the application. As for the settings, they are saved to the “Local state” folder of the profile which can be accessed by simply opening the folder and selecting the option to export.
№7E: The software can be used for free without the need to register to the Microsoft support website.
№94: The application only modifies the Windows registry to check whether or not the required DLL files are valid and can be used in situations where the Windows Installer fails to do so, for example, when the install fails in the first place, or when the BITS files get corrupted. It can identify problems like corrupted registry keys, missing files and invalid entries.
№08E: The application can be used from the System Tools area of the Start menu, and thus is available without the need to start up the main Windows Update Troubleshooter application.
№3EE: The user interface of the application is very simple, is easy to use and is saved as a.reg file which is easily importable into other machines.
№A95: The application can be used with all Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
№EE34: Windows Update Troubleshooter can modify the Windows registry, making it easier to permanently resolve the listed errors and prevent them in the future.


Windows Update Troubleshooter Crack +

It has been created by Microsoft itself with the purpose of repairing problems related to the Windows update process. It helps resolve problems such as unread Windows Updates, installation errors, invalid DLL files and corrupt security policies.
It is a small utility, and does not require installation. The software is provided directly from Microsoft, using a troubleshooting wizard in the Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool.
It can be used to repair problems with the Windows Update process on PCs running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
It helps to install the latest security updates for Internet Explorer, Windows Updates, Windows Server Updates. It is a small utility, and does not require installation.

Troubleshooting the Windows Update process
To troubleshoot the Windows Update process you can use an option available in the Windows update tool.

Open the Windows update tool and go to the settings tab (right click the mouse on the Start button and choose menu options – settings – update and security – Troubleshoot).

Click on the Advanced button. This will open the troubleshooting wizard.

Click the button on the bottom left corner to open it. Click the Advanced button at the top right corner to open a window where you can select what to do with the information that you provide, this includes:

Will use the information to fix the problem.

Not fix the problem but add the information to the event log.

Display the information as an event.

Click on the dropdown menu and choose the command. To fix the problem you should select the option:

Windows Update

In Progress

Do not fix this problem, but record information in the event log.

Advanced Options

Click the button on the bottom left corner to open it. Click the Advanced button at the top right corner to open a window where you can select what to do with the information that you provide, this includes:

Will use the information to fix the problem.

Not fix the problem but add the information to the event log.

Display the information as an event.

Click on the dropdown menu and choose the command. To fix the problem you should select the option:

Windows Update

In Progress

Do not fix this problem, but record information in the event log.

Send the information by e-mail to %windir%\logs\amd64\wuaagui. These default folder names can be

What’s New in the Windows Update Troubleshooter?

You can update your Windows, but you keep getting error messages and problems like:
“An error occured while retrieving the list of updates for your computer. Microsoft cannot verify this software. Try downloading this update again later.If the problem continues, use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to try to resolve the problem. For more information, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article, 980088.”
Windows Update Troubleshooter Remove the Store
There are several dangers that may occur if your version of Windows is outdated. This is why it is so important that Windows Update gets installed as soon as possible. Having this application available, you will easily be able to update and troubleshoot any problems that may prevent your computer from getting the latest updates from the Windows Store, all this with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Important: Some users have reported Windows Update troubles with older versions of Windows like Windows Vista. However, if you are still using Windows Vista, but you are trying to update Windows Update troubleshooter, you’ll find this tool does not work. Instead, use the Windows Update Troubleshooter for Windows 8. Windows Vista is not supported. Windows Vista – Windows 10 compatibility is only supported on the Windows Update Troubleshooter for Windows 8.

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System Requirements:

DirectX Version:
DirectX Version: Windows 10
Recommended Operating System:
Windows 8, 8.1, 10
AMD: Ryzen 3 1200, Ryzen 5 1400, Ryzen 7 1700, Ryzen 9 1800X
i3, i5

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