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Kingston’s Wi-Drive is a portable, wireless storage that you can use with almost any mobile device. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android or Kindle Fire devices, just to mention a few.
The Wi-Drive SDK is a useful open-source package that provides you with all the needed tools for developing applications for Kingston Wireless Storage Devices.







Wi-Drive SDK [32|64bit]

Wi-Drive SDK Free Download consists of two components: an IDE, the WiDrive Creator and an Application Framework, the WiDrive Framework.
WiDrive Creator is a mobile application, that allows you to upload, download and share files with your mobile device.
WiDrive Framework is a set of libraries that allow you to build a Wi-Drive compatible applications.
It is also an option, to use the WiDrive SDK in a desktop application.Purification and characterization of two cytosolic glutathione S-transferases from Spodoptera exigua.
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Wi-Drive SDK Free (Final 2022)

This application is a utility that uses your KeyMACRO.
You can use it to:
1. Insert data to the KeyMACRO;
2. Read data from the KeyMACRO;
3. Read the data from the KeyMACRO over a serial port;
4. Display the data over a serial port;
5. Generate a trace to a file.
Main Features:
• Reading data from the KeyMACRO over a serial port.
• Generate a trace to a file.
• Display the data over a serial port.
• Insert data into the KeyMACRO.
• Set the data value of the KeyMACRO.
• Access to all the keymacro functions.
• More than 14.000 keymacro values available.
• Option to generate a trace to a file.
• Option to make a trace and a backup at the same time.
App Name: Kingston’s Wi-Drive
Version: 1.1
Last Update: October 3, 2015
Connecting App to Wi-Drive
1. Plug the Wi-Drive into your device.
2. Connect the Wi-Drive to the computer.
The App will automatically detect the Wi-Drive.
3. Press the «add Wi-Drive» button and follow the instructions.
Using the App
KeyMACRO is always on the top row of keys.
To access it, press and hold the Menu button for 2 seconds.
The menu will appear.
Press the Menu button and select the Read values from Wi-Drive option.
The values will appear on the screen.
NOTE: The software is not able to read and write all the keys,
but it is able to read keys 0-15 and keys 3-15.
The values below are the ones we were able to read with the Wi-Drive.
0. Status
1. Volume (on)
2. Tones (on)
3. Strobe (on)
4. Text (on)
5. Aux. In (on)
6. Aux. In (off)
7. Aux. In (connected)
8. Aux. In (disconnected)
9. Aux. In (auto-detected)
10. Aux. In (changed)
11. Aux. In (changed by)

Wi-Drive SDK Crack + [March-2022]

What’s New in the Wi-Drive SDK?

The Wi-Drive SDK provides you with all you need to develop applications that use the Kingston Wi-Drive. The provided software components include a demonstration application, a libraries package and a handy Visual Studio 2010 plug-in.

Wi-Drive plug-in is a handy, Visual Studio plug-in that allows you to seamlessly integrate the Wi-Drive SDK into the Visual Studio environment.
The Wi-Drive plug-in allows you to:

Quickly create Wi-Drive-enabled applications using Visual Studio 2008 and 2010

Add Wi-Drive-enabled projects to your Visual Studio solution

Compile, build and debug your Wi-Drive-enabled applications

Wi-Drive SDK Demo application:

The Wi-Drive SDK demo application allows you to:

Create, read, write and erase Wi-Drive enabled storage media from within Visual Studio using the standard IDE classes

Produce preview images of Wi-Drive-enabled storage media using the standard classes

Install Wi-Drive SDK plug-in:

Install the Wi-Drive plug-in into the Visual Studio by using the provided setup package.

Compile, build and debug your Wi-Drive-enabled applications

Download Wi-Drive SDK plug-in:

The Wi-Drive plug-in is available for download at the Kingston Development Centre. You can download the Wi-Drive plug-in by using the provided source code for Visual Studio and follow the provided instructions.

The Wi-Drive plug-in is provided to you as open-source software so you can use it as is without restrictions.

The Wi-Drive plug-in is developed by using the standard Windows and Visual Studio development tools.

After the installation of the Wi-Drive plug-in, you can register the software to your Kingston account in the Kingston development environment (the Wi-Drive SDK requires registration to the Kingston account).

Wi-Drive SDK Libraries Package:

The Wi-Drive SDK Libraries Package provides you with the required software components and plug-ins to develop Wi-Drive enabled applications.

Includes SDK demo project files that will be automatically installed to your computer during the download of the Wi-Drive SDK Libraries Package.

Includes Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 plug-ins that allow you to create Wi-Drive enabled projects in the Visual Studio IDE.

Includes a setup package that will be automatically installed during the download of the Wi-Drive SDK Libraries Package.

Wi-Drive SDK Plug-in (for Visual Studio 2010):

The Wi-Drive plug-in for Visual Studio 2010 is based on the Wi-Drive SDK Libraries Package.

Allows you to add Wi-Drive enabled projects to your Visual Studio 2010 solution.

Allows you to install the Wi-Drive plug-in to your Visual Studio 2010.

Allows you to create, read, write and erase Wi-Drive-enabled

System Requirements For Wi-Drive SDK:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4590 or AMD Phenom™ II X6 1045 or higher (Dual Core)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 500 MB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce™ GTX 460 or AMD Radeon™ HD 6970, and 1680×1050 display resolution or higher
DirectX®: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Other: Sound card,


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