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Downloading pictures from the Internet is obviously a two-click job thanks to today’s advanced browsers, but Web Pictures Downloader is an app that promises to make everything a lot faster, especially when it is necessary to grab multiple pictures as quickly as possible.
Efficient image downloader that can save you a lot of time
The actual purpose of this particular application is to help you download the photos published on a specific website with a single click, rather than by taking them one at a time.
This makes everything a breeze especially when trying to download photo galleries, regardless of the websites they’re published on.
Features a minimalistic user interface that may take some getting used to
Web Pictures Downloader has a simple interface, although beginners might need some time to figure out how to use the program.
In essence, writing down the website URL and hitting the “Start to download” button should do the job, with a few options at your disposal to download either only the thumbnails or the large photos.
Offers a host of advanced configuration options that experienced users can take advantage of
The options screen is the one that requires more attention because it holds a great amount of features, including configurable settings concerning the output folder and the picture names, thumbnails, search, connection and authentication for password-protected websites.
Web Pictures Downloader can download only JPG and GIF pictures, which is actually one of the drawbacks when it comes to the overall downloading process. Otherwise, it completes the job in no time, without slowing down the computer.
The conclusion is rather simple: Web Pictures Downloader is indeed useful, but it needs major improvements to meet users’ expectations. It supports just a couple of formats and some of the available settings need more documentation so as to make the application more novice-friendly.


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Get cute images with a click!
Download cute photos from the Internet just by clicking on the thumbnails!
In addition to downloading the photos, you can easily save them in your default folder, the one you choose, or optionally the selected directory.

The app can do that with just one click and not only that, you can also keep them in a JPG or GIF format, no matter the original source.

Web Pictures Downloader 2022 Crack will download the following images:


Single and collective thumbnails (for example, “Likes” or “Favorites”)


You can specify a number of images by their name to be downloaded, whether they have a high rating, low rating, a specific page or of the entire website.

When using the search option, Web Pictures Downloader Crack will first search for all thumbnails and, if the results do not contain the required information, it will check for the large photos.

Downloaded results:

Name (keep it if you like it)

Access to URL


Thumbnail or large photo to download?

100% free application

Superb performance!


Free images for all!
You’ll be able to generate download requests to your favorite websites that you may want to download the images from without being charged by Google.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Where does the program save the downloaded pictures?A: The downloaded pictures will be saved in the default directory.

Q: Can you save the photos in a format other than JPG or GIF?A: No, it has the ability to download only JPG and GIF pictures.

Q: Do you offer an API for developers and how can I use it?A: Yes! Read the article about the REST API.

Q: How can I change the size of the thumbnails that you generate?A: Just click on the “Settings” button and choose how you want to see the thumbnails on your Android phone.

Q: What kind of images are included in this application?A: In this version, we only have access to short thumbnails. In the future, we will have access to all types of images.

Web Pictures Downloader Crack+ With Keygen For Windows

Web Pictures Downloader is an app for Windows that makes it easy to download images from the Internet. It can download images from any web page as JPG, GIF, or PNG files. You can set the options you like, such as the picture formats, resolution, the picture thumbnail, the folder, the password, and so on. Furthermore, the program can help you to download photos from password-protected websites by using default/blank username/password, or you can use your own username/password to log in. All of these settings can be saved and retrieved next time by using the “restore setting” button.

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What’s New in the Web Pictures Downloader?

As the name suggests, this application is aimed at downloading pictures published in various websites. It should be noted that the app will only download the pictures and not open any websites or write any code, although some of the configuration options allow you to customize the download settings in terms of picture resolution and file format.
The fact that this tool only downloads the pictures from the respective website is not a definite downside. Not only will it save your time by not opening and browsing the website, but you can have access to the files without being logged into the website. In addition, this is a free tool that is optimized to search the website for thumbnail and large-sized picture files.

Click on the link that will take you to the download page

Download the setup

Run the program. It will download all the files that are needed to run the app

1. Click on the link on the download page of Web Pictures Downloader
2. You will be directed to a download page on the Web Pictures Downloader website. Download the setup file for Web Pictures Downloader
3. Once the setup is complete, it is recommended to run the application.

Clicking the download button starts the download

Click on the download button and the application will initiate the download of all the files. The windows will open and you will be asked to select what files you want to download.

Select your desired files and click on Start

In a matter of seconds the application will be finished and you can now close the windows.

The download page of the downloaded app will be shown

Download page of the downloaded App

This page should automatically open in Safari when you have finished downloading the App

Once you have the downloaded files, you can continue using the application normally. In case you want to upload the files to a specific folder, follow the guide that we are providing below.

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Web Pictures Downloader is a freeware application developed by Engineers at Software Engineers Group. It was released in March 25, 2013 and it is currently working fine with all the devices.
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System Requirements For Web Pictures Downloader:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5 or better
Intel Core i5 or better RAM: 8 GB
8 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / AMD Radeon HD3850
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT / AMD Radeon HD3850 Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
15 GB available space DirectX: Version 11
Version 11 Multiplayer: DirectX 9 or higher
For more information about the minimum and recommended PC hardware specifications for this game please visit our System Requirements page.
System Requirements


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