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– Process all files on the specified folder and subfolders and permanently delete all of them.
– Completely zero the contents of the drive and make it inaccessible to other users.
– Reset computer hard drive to factory setting.

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Is it possible to hide file extensions in a Linux console?

I’ve been working on some terminal programs lately and would like to have a feature to show/hide the file extensions on the file name instead of the full name. Does anyone know how to do this?


There are 2 plugins (with support for many terminal applications) that might be helpful:
File Extension
An extension plugin for any Gnome terminal application.

Gnome Terminal,

It works as follows:
When you type a file name that has an extension: 70238732e0

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«KeyMacro» is a macro processing tool for Microsoft Word.
Using «KeyMacro» you can create your own macro code that can be run on any text editor, text files, HTML, HTML pages, HTML code,…
In previous versions of «KeyMacro» you could only create the one-time macro code in the Word file and run it each time. With «KeyMacro» 3.0 you can easily create the macro code and save it as a macro project.
«KeyMacro» now has a menu option to add the macro project directly to the Windows registry. Then «KeyMacro» is able to execute the code.
Keymacro Features:
■ You can easily create your own macro code and add it to the Windows registry.
■ «KeyMacro» can easily be integrated to an application. For example, «KeyMacro» can run macro code when a document is opened in Visual Studio.
■ Using «KeyMacro» you can easily add the macro code to Windows Registry and from that point on you can easily run the macro code without the need to access the Windows Registry.
■ You can run «KeyMacro» with the Windows API (for example you can use the Windows API to run the macro code without starting «KeyMacro»)
KeyMacro Limitations:
■ You can only edit Microsoft Word files that have macros enabled.
■ You can create the macros only in English.
■ You can create the macro code only in English.
■ You cannot create the macro project inside the «KeyMacro» application.
■ You cannot use the «KeyMacro» application for more than one document at the same time.
■ You cannot edit the macros created by other users.
■ You can run the macros only in the Word document from which you create the code.
■ You can add the macros to the Windows registry only if the file is open in the Word document.
KeyMacro Screenshot:
KeyMacro is available for FREE only for PERSONAL USE. If you want to use it commercially you have to pay $49 for it.
«FOIS» (Federal Office for Information Security) is an Electronic Signature management and identity management system for small and mid-sized companies and private individuals.
It is a FREE application and users can download it


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