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TjanSQL was designed to be a single user relational Database engine implemented as a Delphi object using plain text files with semi-colon seperated data for data storage.
Supported SQL: SELECT (with table joins, field aliases and calculated), UPDATE, INSERT (values and sub-select), DELETE, CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CONNECT TO, COMMIT, WHERE (rich bracketed expression), IN (list or sub query), GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY ( ASC, DESC), nested sub queries, statistics (COUNT, SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN), operators (+,-,*,/, and, or,>,>=,







TjanSQL Crack + [Win/Mac] [2022]

Cracked TjanSQL With Keygen implements the following SQL syntax without the use of ODBC or ODBC drivers
SELECT (with table joins, field aliases and calculated)
INSERT (values and sub-select)
WHERE (rich bracketed expression)
IN (list or sub query)
nested sub queries
informational tables
scalar functions
selection (as in the relational model)
can be constructed and returned as ascii SQL strings
can be made into ODBC connections
SQL Statements can run in the background, so they are no longer tied to the calling process
compiled SQL: SELECT (with table joins, field aliases and calculated), UPDATE, INSERT (values and sub-select), DELETE, CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, ALTER TABLE, CONNECT TO, COMMIT, WHERE (rich bracketed expression), IN (list or sub query), GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY ( ASC, DESC), nested sub queries
can be added, edited or removed
nested sub queries are not required to have a parent query block
nested sub queries may use any of the SQL operators listed above
TjanSQL uses a token table (Tjanschwa! ) to determine which character is the terminator to the previous statement. Tokens are anchored at the beginning of the SQL Statement or at a semicolon at the end. (see Selected Tokens)
All SQL is processed (read, updated, etc) in a specific thread. (see Thread Safe)
Selects, Inserts, Updates, and Deletes (called TjanSQL statements) are handled in the same thread as they were created. Each new statement creates a new thread (as opposed to the original process)
Use the OnSelect, OnInsert, OnUpdate, and OnDelete events for looping to execute other TjanSQL statements.
SQL may be made invisible to the end user. This is useful if the application is run as a different user.
A little known fact: When you replace a parameter with a table name or field, the names of the tables and fields must be quoted.
An example: SELECT replaced with
SELECT * FROM qtn_tjancon_options;
will not work.
If you want to use field

TjanSQL Incl Product Key

The basic TjanSQL Download With Full Crack program is small and fast, and suitable for quick development or for scripting and setting up test environments. It can handle all the functions of a full-featured database engine (even with plenty of tables and stored procedures). There is no need for any user interface. You can start an application and enter a query and have it print out a result:
select * from Table1, Table2 where ID = 1
You can browse the data using the TjitDatabaseDocument class. You can build a view with it:
View = ToString(tjnvMyView);
For accessing the view, create the class, Load the dataset,
View = tjnvMyView;
and then use it as a regular dataset (DataSet).
The language is based on TjeSQL. With the new features of TjeSQL, which are now part of the Delphi Object libraries, you can now write database applications. Features include:


You can easily set up routines that can perform single tasks.

Insert, Update, Delete, Alters and more

You can add, remove and modify data as you wish

Convertion from CSV to valid T2SQlite Data

You can specify delimiters for your fields

You can define your own convertors


You can lock tables to ensure integrity, or you can lock a particular field to specify that it should not be modified

Database can be upadted with no loss of data integrity

Custom errors and tips

You can output custom errors in your applications, to help with debugging and error handling.

You can get the number of rows affected by updates, deletes, etc.

You can use a number of methods of specifying the query results.

You can Create a View of your own. You can define your views before running the application

SQLITE3 has been declared as ANSI SQL so there is no need to constantly worry about compatibility.
TjanSQL Crack Free Download is multithreaded, allowing for scalability

Sample application uses TJPStorage for getting/setting values into it. The best part about it is that the values are encrypted before being stored.

«JdKJ is a versatile SQLite3 server software with a web interface and a console client. It can be used in standalone mode


TjanSQL has been designed to replace other database engines.
The differences between database engines:
– They can contain lots of text files (table definitions,…).
TjanSQL provides these text files in the Project folder.
– They provide a shell to communicate with the database,
TjanSQL provides the command line shell for this purpose.
– They have lots of predefined SQL operations.
TjanSQL provides the ability to execute SQL.
– They can handle databases up to about 20 GB of data.
TjanSQL will only need to handle about 1 GB of data.
– They can handle binary data in the database.
TjanSQL uses only text only files.
– You can load and save databases by various methods (including Drag and Drop).
TjanSQL will only provide text only files for loading and saving data.
– You can have any number of databases.
TjanSQL will only have a single database.
– You can have multiple users for a database.
TjanSQL will only have one user.
– You can have multiple tables.
TjanSQL will only have one table.
You can embed SQL within strings.
– You can have lots of data types in a table.
TjanSQL will only have one type (Integer) of data.
Please see the examples for some of the features of TjanSQL.
How To Install:
1. Click on File / New (in the menu bar) to open the New Project Dialog
2. Double click on the Projects tab and on the New Project button (the red arrow)
3. Navigate to where you want to create the Project.
4. Select TjanSQL Project (TjanSQL.PROJ) from the list of existing Projects.
5. Set the Default Directory to where you want the project to be located
6. Click OK.
How To Install:
1. Open the Components tab of the project options.
2. Select the TjanSQL Project from the list of Components.
3. Click on the Update button (the down arrow).
4. Click on Yes (at the Confirmation Prompt Window).
Help / Errata:
– Help files for all components are included in the Projects/TjanSQL folder (see above).
– The project file (TjanSQL.PROJ) opens up in a text editor to show you what you can do with TjanSQL.

What’s New in the?

TjanSQL is a Real Database Engine for MySQL or SQLServer databases.
It is a platform independent DELPHI 5, 6, 7, and XE5 object oriented GUI designed and written in Delphi and C++ Builder using the VCL classes and VCL components.
The same application can be easily used in Visual Basic without code modification.
As it was originally designed it does not require any special drivers, not supports disk and memory only files.
It can be directly used from Delphi or C++ Builder with no external MySQL or SQLServer database drivers or datatables.
It can also be used from a web interface as a web database.
From the Delphi side it is implemented using the VCL classes and components, so all the VCL features work exactly the same as when working with a real MySQL or SQLServer database.
What is missing is the ability to create your own fields, work with additional tables in the schema, and do other commonly needed tasks when working with a MySQL or SQLServer database.
TjanSQL supports all the SQL operations with the same API from the MySQL and SQLServer standarts.
For example:
SELECT * FROM mytable
(same as SELECT mytable.*)
SELECT mytable.a, mytable.b FROM mytable, othertable
JOIN mytable ON =
(no restrictions or aliases on the tables or fields)
CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int, c int)
(same as CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int, c int))
DROP TABLE mytable
(same as DROP TABLE mytable)
JOIN mytable t1
(sub-selects, NO WHERE, JOIN)
CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int)
(same as CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int))
CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE mytable (a int, b int, c int)
(same as CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int, c int))
(same as ALTER TABLE mytable)
CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int, c int)
(same as CREATE TABLE mytable (a int, b int, c int))

System Requirements For TjanSQL:

Windows 10
OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz
HDD: 1GB HD space
Screen Resolution: 1024×768
How to Install:
1. Run the setup file
2. You will get two options – “Install Steam” & “Select language”
3. Select “Install Steam”.
4. You will get a message “Installation Completed Successfully

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