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SpeakToText Speech Recognition is a useful application that lets you to dictate text directly into other applications, recognize audio files you create, have documents read to you by your computer. You can customize the program bt creating your own speech commands.
The application will enable you to chat without typing with a lot of popular chat programs including MSN Messenger, AIM Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and PalTalk.
SpeakToText comes with SAPI 5.1 speech recognition technology from Microsoft, and a free update feature that lets you upgrade for free as we keep improving. SpeakToText Speech Recognition gives you much of the functionality of high-priced voice recognition software at a fraction of the cost.
It’s fun, easy to use and affordable; so, why not get your copy today.









SpeakToText Crack+ Free Download

SpeakToText Crack Free Download Speech Recognition will let you control your computer by speaking instead of typing. It includes text recognition, translation, voice chat, and, it will even let you speak into other applications like OO.o, Visual Studio, Notepad, and more.
If you’ve ever wanted to type messages to a friend from your computer but didn’t want to type the whole thing, then SpeakToText is the answer for you.
Software Features:
Simple, easy to use, intuitive interface:
SpeakToText is packaged with a friendly graphic interface, a clear voice guide, familiar menus, and a user-friendly interface. SpeakToText doesn’t like having to learn how to use a complicated, confusing and confusing UI; so, we took all the complicated stuff out of the Speech Recognition program to make it really easy to use.
Gain complete control of your computer with one hand:
SpeakToText provides the most user-friendly interface of any speech recognition software on the market.
Here’s a small sample of the great features of SpeakToText:
-Reads text from any application you can think of
-Translates your spoken words into text in any language
-Speech chat
-Voice type letters into an email (e.g. typing once you make a noise like «b» when you want to type «bo» for «book»)
-Speaks into other applications like OO.o, Visual Studio, Notepad and more
-Works with all popular Internet browsers
-Speaks into offline situations
-Beats Typing Errors
-Comes with top-of-the-line SPEECH technology from Microsoft
-Text by Speech: Translates and reads text from any application you can think of.
-Record and Play Audio Files: Lets you record and speak files that you’ve created or are trying to play back.
-Manage speech devices: SpeakToText is very smart and saves your device settings for you in order to make sure that it recognizes it when you fire it up again.
-Speak to More Applications: SpeakToText is very powerful and lets you speak into other applications such as KHTML (Konqueror), Vim, WordPad, Outlook Express, OO.o, Visual Studio, WMP etc.
-Voice command through speech: SpeakToText turns your computer into an interactive voice switch.
-Voice command through speech through accessories: SpeakToText lets

SpeakToText Crack+ [Mac/Win]

– Speak and type text without typing, just with your voice
– Use voice commands for a lot of popular chat programs
– Type text directly into other programs like email, word processors, etc
– Chat with text-only chat programs for free
– Speak to documents with speech recognition technology with built-in text to speech engine
– Complete text to speech and speech to text online dictionaries (English to Enlish and Enlish to English)
– Send messages by voice to the phone or into the inbox of your e-mail
– Customize and create your own text speech commands
– Use the free and active update feature that sends you periodic updates free of charge
– SpeakToText Crack Free Download was released in October 4th, 2002.
SpeakToText Specifications:
– Windows 2000/XP/Vista or later
– Runs on any PC, laptop or server
– 100% C&C free
– 100% no spyware, spyware, virus or adware
– NO CREDIT SCREEN (integrated applet)
– Speak and type text without typing, just with your voice
– Speak and type text with your voice
– Speak and type text to emails, word processors, etc
– Speak and type text to PowerPoint, Powerpoint-presentation, word-processing-document, presentation-document, word-processing-document, PowerPoint-presentation-document, presentation-document, word-processing-document
– Speak and type text into chat programs like AIM/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo/Hotmail/PalTalk
– Speak and type text to WhatsApp, Viber, Skype
– Speak and type text to documents, like the next paragraph, the next page, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of the next paragraph, the next paragraph of the next page, the next page of

SpeakToText Crack Incl Product Key Free [April-2022]

* Speak to AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and more!
* Fast, accurate Voice recognition of text and speech with no command line training or learning.
* With a few simple configuration settings, you can provide Voice commands to your friends and family, and even have them read documents to you!
* SpeakToText is a free, useful and incredibly easy to use application. No additional software is needed to create commands.
SpeakToText Key Features:
* SpeakToText’s voice command system lets you speak to your friends and use popular instant messaging programs on your computer.
* From email, web pages, and faxes, speak and listen to text, while your computer is busy doing what you need it to do!
* Listen to voice recognition commands; read received text and your own text; edit and modify already created speech; and listen and respond to voice commands by text.
* SpeakToText supports many popular instant messaging programs. It will work with AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, MSN Messenger, and more.
* Using SpeakToText’s search feature, you can speak to your friends, or anyone else on the Internet. Just speak the name of your friend, to search for them.
* SpeakToText will accept voice commands, text, and commands to edit and modify previously spoken texts. You can even edit your text online as your friend speaks it to you.
* SpeakToText supports Windows XP and Windows 2000.
* Included with SpeakToText is the command line program. SpeakToText is compatible with Windows 9x and Windows NT 4 and later.
* SpeakToText is compatible with most programs and applications.
* SpeakToText runs in a small window, in the system tray area.
* Using Voice Ouput Virtual Drivers, SpeakToText will work with almost all PC sound cards.
* SpeakToText uses SAPI 5.1 for Windows 2000 and Vista Speech Recognition Edition from Microsoft.
* SpeakToText comes with a 30-day full-version free-upgrade offer.
SpeakToText Supported Applications:
* Microsoft Windows.
* Windows Vista with the Speech Recognition plugin installed.
* Windows 7 with Speech Recognition plugin installed.
* XP and Vista as SP1 or SP2.
* Windows XP as SP3.
* Windows 2000 and later.
* Windows 95, 98, 98 SE and ME.
* Unix and Linux.

What’s New in the SpeakToText?

–What It Does and How It Works:
SpeakToText enables the application to speak the contents of any document you supply, or speech recognition technique can be utilized directly from any audio file you create by default it uses the SAPI 5.1 speech recognition engine
SpeakToText comes with an easy to use interface that allows you to speak text to your computer
Custom speech recognition allows you to import your own speech commands
SpeakToText is a freeware application that can read any document you choose
SpeakToText gives you the functionality of high-priced voice recognition software, at a fraction of the cost

How To Use:
In its main window, the program has a list of supported voices, and a list of spoken words, which you can drag and drop to the corresponding fields.
There are a few other controls:
–File: This is a button that opens a dialog with which you can select the files to be spoken. It’s a good idea to specify the path of a file.
–Options: This is a drop-down menu with which you can choose your preferred language and voice. It also contains a button that opens a window with the option to change some of the preferences such as the speed of the applications to use, or the use of phrases such as «you, your» or «it’s».
–Speak: A button that lets you speak your text directly into applications such as MSN Messenger, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Messenger. The program will also recognize speech from any audio file you create.

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System Requirements For SpeakToText:

Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64-bit)
2GB or more RAM
20GB hard disk space
OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
Mac OS X 10.4 or later (PowerPC)
CPU: G4 or Intel Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz or faster
Memory: 1GB or more of memory
DVD or CD drive
Sound card
A GeForce FX 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 2600 or better


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