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Sending bulk emails can usually lead to your address being blacklisted since your messages might be confused with spam content.
Fortunately, you can rely on specialized software, such as SenderMatic emailer, that can help you send batch email messages and provides you with multiple useful features.
Note that, in order to run as intended, this application requires .NET Framework.
Smooth user interface
This application comes with a sleek design that neatly organizes its core functions, allowing you to access them with ease.
Its main window encompasses large buttons with intuitive captions that help you navigate through its main sections without spending too much time looking for them.
Although you can access the Settings section by clicking the dedicated button, the application also includes shortcuts of the most important features on the left side of the window.
Handy batch email sender
You can rely on this application if you need a convenient way to send bulk emails that comes with additional useful functions, including a spam blocker, domain blocker and a scheduler.
It is possible to use any email address within SenderMatic emailer, as this program automatically configures the SMTP, POP3 or IMAP servers after you provide it with a valid entry.
After adjusting the required parameters, you can start generating email campaigns by creating emails from scratch or relying on the integrated template library. Furthermore, you can schedule the campaigns so that the messages are sent automatically on a certain date, at a fixed time.
Useful spam checker
Additionally, this program comes with a spam checking utility that can filter your content in an efficient way. Recipients that receive your messages can quickly subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter by typing certain keywords in their replies. You can customize the keywords and the action they trigger by accessing the corresponding section in the configuration menu.
In conclusion, SenderMatic emailer can help you send bulk emails in a convenient way while also providing you with additional useful functions.







SenderMatic Emailer Free For PC (Updated 2022)

SenderMatic emailer is a batch mailer that provides you with a large collection of handy email templates, as well as a spam checker and a scheduler. The program can be downloaded for free and its license is free.
Key Features:
Simple to use
The interface of SenderMatic emailer includes a clean layout that organizes its main functions and doesn’t get cluttered with unnecessary objects.
Plenty of email templates
You can use any template you like to prepare your messages. In addition to this, the program includes over 50 email templates that can be easily adapted according to your needs.
Powerful spam blocker
You can easily set up SenderMatic emailer to exclude some messages with the help of a spam blocker. This feature is useful if you plan to send emails with your personal information.
Highly customizable
You can customize the text and image on your email templates with the help of a rich library. In addition to this, you can also create your own email content by utilizing the integrated editor.
Quick start
This software is equipped with a powerful wizard that can help you set up SenderMatic emailer in a few simple steps.
Versatile scheduler
The program includes a scheduler feature that enables you to schedule your email campaigns at any time.
Batch mailer
The program is a batch mailer that provides you with a large collection of useful email templates, a spam checker, a scheduler and a workaround for Outlook.
This software can be downloaded for free and its license is free.
System Requirements:
.NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher

Download SenderMatic emailer

SenderMatic emailer is a Bulk Email Sender that enables you to send emails in bulk through SenderMatic emailer, the most popular bulk emailing solution.
SenderMatic emailer supports multiple email clients, like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc., and is also compatible with different email servers like gmail, yahoo and outlook.
SenderMatic emailer supports all the major email protocols including IMAP, POP3, SMTP, autoresponders, autorecipients and more.
This bulk emailing tool offers a web interface and a standalone application. The SenderMatic email

SenderMatic Emailer Crack + Free

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Download and Install:

1. Download KeyMacro wordlist generator

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4. Run the executable file.

Installation instructions:

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3. Choose an output directory to save the generated wordlist.
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5. Click on «Start» to begin the process.
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SenderMatic Emailer

SenderMatic emailer is an intuitive email batch sender program that allows you to quickly generate bulk emails.
With this software, it is possible to build emails from scratch or integrate them with existing files that are stored in a template library.
Using an intuitive interface, you can create emails with a simple drag and drop technique.
Moreover, you can set the subject and the recipients of the emails, as well as your account settings and import your schedule.
The included spam filter will check all messages that you send in order to ensure they contain a valid email address. You can easily edit or delete any of the filtered messages by accessing the corresponding sections in the main window.
Platform: Windows
Edition: Professional
Free Download
Visit website:

Sending bulk emails can usually lead to your email address being blacklisted. Fortunately, this is not the case, as you can rely on specialized software, such as SenderMatic Emailer, that can help you send bulk emails and provides you with multiple useful features.

What’s New in the SenderMatic Emailer?

SenderMatic Emailer is a professional application for bulk email sending. It has an intuitive user interface that provides a simple way for users to get started.
Email sending can be easily configured in just a few clicks. For faster email sending, you can specify the maximum number of emails that you can send in one run.
It is also possible to set up a scheduler to automatically send emails, so that you do not have to worry about generating them.
– Bulk email sending
– Email scheduling
– Email filtering
– IP address blacklisting
– SMTP and POP3 server support
– SMTP server testing
– SMTP server configuration
– SMTP server port configuration
– SMTP server domain configuration
– POP3 server
– POP3 server configuration
– IMAP server
– IMAP server configuration
– Toolbar, hotkeys, history, cookies, and much more…

– Install the product
– Copy SenderMatic.exe to the C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ folder

Changes (for Windows 7 only):
– Remove all executable files from the START menu
– Remove all shortcuts from the Start Menu

Changes (for Windows 8 and 10 only):
– Remove all shortcuts from the All Programs menu

– This is a trial version of SenderMatic Emailer and can be used to check the SenderMatic Emailer functionality, but cannot be used for an unlimited period of time.

Conflict of Interest: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist.

[^2]: Conceived and designed the experiments: EY YF. Performed the experiments: FFL RYS YY YL. Analyzed the data: FFL RYS YY YL. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: EY YF. Wrote the paper: FFL RYS YY YL EY YF.

[^3]: ‡ These authors also contributed equally to this work.
: Integrative and conjugative element


: Insertion sequences


: Open reading frame


: Open reading frame


: Pseudomonas plasmid pMV158


: Quantitative reverse transcription PCR


: Random amplified polymorphic DNA


: Restriction fragment length polymorphism


: Serial analysis of gene expression


: Transmissible gastroenteritis virus


: Melting temperature

System Requirements For SenderMatic Emailer:

Windows 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X
OS: Ubuntu 13.04 or later
4 GB of RAM
2 GB of hard disk space
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 or AMD HD5850. Or more specifically, a graphics card that supports Open GL 3.0/3.1 and Shader Model 2.0 with DirectX10 support
CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom II X4 920 or higher

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