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Elden Ring is an action RPG that was specially created by Last Light Studio, the studio that created the action game series “Bloodborne”. Last Light Studio acquired a license from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Kojima Productions to create Elden Ring, and has cooperated on every aspect of the game. It is our utmost wish to create a fusion between Japan’s highly engaging action game series “Bloodborne” and the action role-playing game genre. “Elden Ring” is also a title in the “Bloodborne” series of action RPG games.

This action RPG is set in an Elden world that is at the brink of devastation. Elden is the name of a mythical giant race born from the soul of a dead star.

The world has already been ruined and the Elden have faded away.

The world is now subject to the malicious and merciless Silver Scale Empire.

The power of the Elden Ring is the only force capable of destroying Silver Scale.

Having understood the destruction of the universe in the present era, the Elden once more unite in this era to start anew.

Players from across the globe can enjoy the game together and become the legendary Elden lords.


There are many game elements in Elden Ring.

First, in the action RPG genre, it has many elements that you cannot experience in other titles. In addition, action role-playing games have their own elements, as well.

Players are able to enjoy the action RPG elements in the parts you play and items you use on your own. The action role-playing elements are also recreated in the parts you play together.

In this action RPG, we have previously introduced action RPG elements such as the Active Time Battle (ATB), the Skill Space, and the Action-Link system. However, the concept of the action RPG has expanded to reflect its very rich game elements in the Lands Between, such as the Magic Scroll System, Boss Battle, and the Action Skill system.

Moreover, in the action RPG, you can change the appearance of your character, and gear, and equip a vast variety of weapons, armor, and magic in advance of battle.

In the Lands Between, you can enjoy a vast world, rich in story, exploring huge dungeons, and fighting monsters. The battle content in the action RPG is seamlessly integrated into the open world in the Lands Between.

The character can take


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    Elden Ring Free PC/Windows [April-2022]

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    Elden Ring Serial Key Free Download X64 [Updated-2022]

    Please note that this is a Beta Release. Not all aspects of the game are 100% complete or functional.

    The game is developed and released by Artdink Inc., in collaboration with Arena Net.

    The content in this game is copyright 2017 Artdink, LLC.


    Release Notes:

    Elden Ring


    Elden Ring

    —Story of the Lands Between

    Before the existence of the Lands Between, the Elves lived on Mount Zhalia in a time of peace and joy. The Elves had suffered a horrible attack by a group of warring humans, and it caused the Elves to flee. They lived in fear of their fellow Elves, and long ago, they abandoned the lands between.

    For 13 years, the Elves lived the quiet and lonely life in the mountains.

    However, a human wizard was working to awaken a fallen Giant and resurrect it using the power of the Elves’ magic. They had already obtained the magic in exchange for their lands and the Elves were under the threat of getting caught in the crossfire between them.

    Eventually, the Elf King Garum and the major Elven factions started a war to obtain the magic. It was a brutal struggle, and the Elves were pressed into a corner. Then, the war was stopped in order for the Elves to evacuate into the Lands Between.

    —Main Characters and the Game

    The story is taking place in the Lands Between. The game features a variety of characters, including the major Elven factions and a new race, the Giants.

    —The Players’ Possibility of Customizing Characteristics

    In this RPG, players are able to play their character in three different ways. For example, you can develop your character according to your play style such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

    —Online Play

    The online element allows players to directly interact with other players and travel with them.

    —Multilayered Storytelling

    The story is being told in fragments. The various thoughts of the characters are just moments in time.

    —For those who get lost in the story, there are numerous replay points that let you return to previous story episodes to explore them again from the beginning.

    The game also supports a replay feature for those who cannot stand to lose.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    I didn’t realize until I saw the address of that list ( that it was for a podcast where Al and Dan give personal reviews of games. The AD&D of the modern era is closed, but it’s worth the nostalgia alone to have an Elder Scrolls style OSR-RPG and D&D opens up the genre almost indefinitely.

    I don’t understand why, but it’s still worth it. It is one of the most enjoyable experiences that I’ve had with a computer game.

    Also, if you like Star Trek then Galaxy of Heroes is a fun game.

    Cyberzoid> Gunzor Captain Galaxy is awsome. I’ll try the reboot when I have some time free.

    Soon. Right now the only thing I’m asking for are more characters, you guys…

    That is because characters are my kind of game.



    I am an evil feck! That’s not clever.


    I usually avoid games like this that use the Pathfinder system, because I prefer making my own rulesets with Power Rangers.

    Recently I enjoyed House of Fury, Oathbreaker, and the Hexplot games but you already seem to have mentioned them.


    So, I’ve been volunteering at an SCA event for the past year and a half, and SCA has been one of the handful of things that has kept me in check from winding up in a villainous way for the past few years. It’s helped me to know that people understand, and are willing to accept, what we are and do. There are days where we act like villains and at times that I’m disgusted by it.

    Do you consider yourself a villain?


    Anyway, I’ve been asked to explore the Star Trek universe, as well as Klingon culture, but I’m looking for things that don’t seem to be going to extreme lengths to not be R-rated.

    I feel like I’m close to entering the realm of “was this ever good”. I’m not going to say it’s not enjoyable. Other than the superexhagjril, I feel like most of the graphics look a lot better than they did back in ’75. Lots of cool new tools to build out narrative moments as well.

    Personally, I feel it’s a big improvement over Star Trek: New Frontier. No one got


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  • 3-dimensional Free-style Multiplayer Action
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  • Completely Flexible Customization – Equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic and adjust their stats according to your play style
  • A Multilayered Story Told in Fragments and Loosely Connects to Others in the Lands Between
  • Customize the Appearance of Your Character and Play Your Own Role
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    • 3-dimensional Free-style Multiplayer Action
    • True Vast World, Explore and Fight in Different Environments
    • Customize Your Character in the Shape of Your Playstyle
    • Completely Flexible Customization – Equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic and adjust their stats according to your play style
    • A Multilayered Story Told in Fragments and Loosely Connects to Others in the Lands Between
    • Customize the Appearance of Your Character and Play Your Own Role

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