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1. The signature style of Kadokawa’s action RPG, The New Fantasy has attracted users worldwide to the mobile gaming market, but only two games were made and only a small part of the game can be played. 《Elden Ring 》 is a remake of that game.
2. 《Elden Ring》 is a highly detailed, animation-rich, and rewarding adventure game.
3. The innovative move-pattern allows you to freely move the character to different locations.
4. By exploring the land, you will find many items and unique monsters.
5. Because of the collaboration of a development company and a publisher of an RPG, we have never seen graphics or gameplay this wonderful.
6. 《Elden Ring》 is not your average mobile game! The unique story, gameplay, and 3D graphics make it a full-fledged experience that you cannot put down.
7. Strong of Android.
8. Features:
* Enjoy an in-depth story in a 3D fantasy world
* Cram an extremely full storyline into 5 chapters
* Create and customize your own character
* Explore lots of opportunities
* Play multiplayer games with everyone in the world
* Whether you know the story or not, no matter what, you will enjoy the story of the game.
* It’s free! However, we ask for a donation for using Google Play. (Easy way to enable ads.)


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Features Key:

  • Invasive Main Quest, Enemy Assault Game.
    A long quest with both action and role play elements leads you to your destiny as a feudal lord. Enemies will attack you as soon as you set foot in an area, and completing each mission will see the number of characters rise. Experience the rush of action while experiencing the drama of the story.
  • Support for up to 50 players!
    You can be with up to 9 players offline, and up to 300 players online (24 online at a time, through dynamic insertion and support for 4 PCs with 4 monitors). While linked up, you can interact and help each other with offline messages, party bonding, and all of the game’s other functions; whether you choose to complete the quest alone or in a group, you will be able to experience the game fully without missing out on any of the elements.
  • A New Fantasy Setting with a Multitude of Enemies.
    Exciting content including landforms and dungeons, a castle and citizens, a portal and sea monsters, all abound in a world the realms of fantasy and the Centaur Plains that has existed for hundreds of years.
  • Images in 3D that are never before seen in an MMO!
    A large grid-based world with countless beautiful and detailed spaces, each with rich textures and 3D images.
    Graphical effect and sound unique to the world’s existence, never seen before in other games.
  • A Campaign Story of Far Breaks in Dream Link.
    A Mythical Heroic Saga!
    Through the hard work and leadership of over a dozen of the top-notch storytellers who worked extremely hard to ensure a fun and exciting story, you can take to the roads in a campaign story that is justly titled “The Far Breaks in Dream Link.”
  • Master the Art of Solid Multiplayer!
    In addition to the asynchronous online element, the game features an enhanced PvP ranked battle and PvP sanctioned weapons build up system. You can lead attacks on others, battle against the others in one-on-one duels, invite them to your world and take on your friends, or a combination of these! You can challenge all of your friends to PvP, become an army, or hunt down some powerful monsters. Best of all, you can challenge your friends at any time, with a variety of PvP game settings including Match-Up, Survival, Stance Match (both Psychic


    Elden Ring [Win/Mac] (Final 2022)

    « Elden Ring ~Mightiest Fall~ rises to the gaming world! »

    (see full review here)

    « Another try…never thought I’d hit the 280 mark in a year, let alone outside of class. But Elden Ring delivered. «

    (see full review here)

    « The world of Elden Ring is mysterious, beautiful, and full of surprises. It’s a world that I hope to visit again. «

    (see full review here)

    « After playing other Dark Souls games, the switch to Elden Ring felt natural. And so the days went by, as I kept playing and accepting the challenges that sprung from the diverse nature of the game. «

    (see full review here)

    « I’m amazed at how much of a different experience this game was for me. I think it came down to being played for the first time by a different brain. Like the songs of Bruce Cockburn and Clare Bowditch, Elden Ring is a very different playing experience than I’m used to. «

    (see full review here)

    « Elden Ring is an incredibly relaxing game. There’s such a thing as too much game, but Elden Ring doesn’t do that. It’s an amazing experience in every possible way. «

    (see full review here)

    « Elden Ring makes me smile. It’s a game that breaks up time and shows me that getting older doesn’t have to mean going down. «

    (see full review here)

    « RIVE. The new action RPG from Korea that has captured my attention and imagination. It’s simplistic, yet polished and above all bold. And it’s beautiful. Everything looks great in Elden Ring. «

    (see full review here)

    « Ridiculously good. I really didn’t know what to expect. But it delivered so much more than I thought it would. And I can not wait to see what they come up with next. «

    (see full review here)

    « I am both baffled and impressed by this game. It makes me a bit jealous and glad at the same time. It’s like reading a book written in a language that I don’t know. But I’m overjoyed to see that Elden Ring exists and that I don’t have to live in fear of it being lost. «

    (see full


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    While in a town and not in an inn
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    What’s new:

    Download Myths of Ancient Egypt for SEGA Saturn screenshot

    Game Informer is reporting that the next iteration of the game won’t be hitting stores until at least 2015.
    The Eidos exec, Francois Laroche, explained to Game Informer that the team has shifted its attention to “other initiatives,” adding that the development timeline is expansive and uncertain. The game is being developed by the same team as the MMORPG, and they are “still studying solutions to ensure the continuity of development.”
    Laroche also notes that they are looking forward to “bringing to the Eidos audience this brand new experience, with new formulas and new innovations.”
    What does the past entail?
    Wait for it…

    Video game website IGN posted several pages from the definitive collectible figure of Renato Civelli of the 1993 real-life train robbery by Emilio Balboni. The pair stole over a hundred million dollars from the Italian state. With a plastic made by Playmobil.

    In Japan, publisher Degica began streaming additional footage from Muramasa Rebirth earlier this week, promoting its big summer sale. The video highlights the game’s blast attacks, as well as new weapons, monster and character design. There are a number of options to review through optional screens of weapons, backgrounds and others.

    Italian game developer and publisher ReAction Interactive announced a partnership with Spike Chunsoft Inc. to bring the unannounced title to Europe through the official Nintendo DSiWare.
    The game will also be available to download for the WiiWare for $10. The developer did not disclose anything about it at the time.
    This is the second time the developer and publisher partners for a Nintendo DSiWare title. Both ReAction and Spike Chunsoft previously collaborated to create Tales of the Abyss: A Descendant of the Royal Blood in 2006 for the Wii.

    The next installment of Atlus’s long-running (and largely-acclaimed, if critically divisive) RPG series Enchanted Arms has a November 6th release date in North America, 4Play reports. Alerus Research, a science-fiction game show, has announced that publisher G.Rev in partnership with publisher Atlus are working on a single-player, story-heavy title.
    The new installment draws on Aelita: The Gate of Doom, an original


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