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Step 1: Basic Understanding of Photoshop

When you start your journey into digital photography you might not have much idea of what Photoshop is and what it is used for.

Usually people have heard the name Photoshop but don’t really know what it is. Photoshop has been making a name for itself as the industry standard and, therefore, every aspect of the market is constantly evolving.

The most common purpose Photoshop serves is in the post-production (editing) of photos.

Photoshop editing is done by separating the image into layers (in Photoshop) for various reasons such as:

Creating a layer enables you to control what area of the original image is changed.

It is possible to change the color, brightness, contrast, and more to the entire image.

You can use layers to overlay elements and apply effects to individual images.

Layers are also used to crop (remove unwanted edges) and to generate an alpha channel for blending two images.

Adobe Photoshop is considered to be a “raster graphics” software.

There are also different types of image editing such as bitmap editing, vector editing, and web design.

Type of Adobe Photoshop Edits:

Bitmap editing:

The image is stored as data bits which determine the color (red, green, and blue) of each pixel on the image.

The pixels are arranged in a grid-like pattern.

Image editing (raster):

The image is stored in a format that can be printed or displayed.


The image is divided into “layers.”

You can move layers up or down in the layers hierarchy.

Layers are also used to control the opacity of an image, and they can be merged or grouped.


The background layer is the layer which has all other layers directly or indirectly on top.

Layer Opacity/Transparency:

Layer opacity is the amount of light a layer blocks the pixels below it.

The layer is completely opaque if it is 100% opaque, and completely transparent if it is 0% transparent.

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I also found the folks at Photoshop Crack Free DownloadScrap – a community of Photoshop enthusiasts – to be extremely helpful and quick in fixing my problems. They helped me fix the few problems I encountered with the software and helped me with tutorials on how to do cool things in the program.


Adobe has invested a lot into the software and it shows. It has the most features out of all graphics editing software I have used.

As far as the use of the software goes, everything is built into a single interface and if you mess up, you just undo and you’re back at the beginning. You can not only undo your mistakes but also go back to the step before the mistake was made.

The software allows you to use different image adjustment tools which give you real-time previews of the change that you are making in each step.

It supports an extensive library of filters, layers, and adjustment tools.


You might have to spend some time learning how to navigate the interface and use the different tools.

The advanced tools like the paintbrush and magic wand are not very intuitive or easy to use

The cut tool is not one of the best or most intuitive of tools.

You can do some cool effects, but, you need to know how to use your computer’s space bar to set the area to apply the effect over.

Adobe says that the screen-space is not affected. However, in my experience, there were times that I had to press the space bar multiple times to apply the effect.

That being said, I have been using the software to edit images for close to ten years now and I love it. If you are interested in learning how to edit images, Adobe Photoshop is the best software for you.

Final Word

You can only go up from here. If you are looking for Photoshop help, Photoshop is a good choice for you. It will help you get a head start in your web design career. If you are looking for a broader set of tools, you might be better off with Adobe PhotoShop.package(default_visibility = [“//visibility:public”])



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System Requirements For Photoshop:

Windows, macOS and Linux systems.
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Storage: 500 MB available space.
Key Game Features:
Co-op Gameplay:
Six Player Co-op Campaign – Face off against six other AI’s across

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