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Try our FREE PCtransfer Activation Code program to quickly backup, move, copy, share and recover your data. Download from the Internet. PCtransfer Crack Keygen is a small utility that lets you backup files to a removable drive, connect to an FTP server, send files over the Internet or burn image files to CD.

With the built-in FTP client PCtransfer Activation Code allows you to transfer files to FTP servers, send secure Email, transfer files over the Internet or burn image files to CD. You can also backup folders, favorites, browser setting, iTunes downloaded files and much more. PCTransfer has a touch interface and supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME and NT.
What’s new in version 1.02:
* Support for Windows Vista
* Mouse cursor turned off by default
* Fixed: high CPU usage on some systems
Some screen shots of the updated version:
* FTP account setup dialog
* Close dialog on DVD burning mode

The Firefox Browser has a lot of features. It allows you to do many things quickly and easily in just a few clicks of your mouse. However, not everyone knows how to access all of the useful features. PCTransfer gives you quick and easy access to the most popular Firefox settings.
PCTransfer Details:
The software makes it easy to backup your browser settings, tabs, history, passwords, add-ons, form data, cookies, URLs, bookmarks, passwords and much more. You can save files to a directory on the desktop or clipboard, send files over the Internet, or email the results to a predefined address.
PCTransfer is not an extension but a stand-alone utility with a built-in user interface. It has a drag and drop feature, a file rename feature, and also lets you backup your entire browsing history and even all Windows Internet Explorer preferences.
How to use PCTransfer:
Run the program. Drag and drop the files to backup and save them.

New versions of Netscape have the usual set of features like changing your name and address, creating new profiles, setting various preferences, and so on. But Netscape is always a little hard to navigate and finding the features you are looking for can be a little time-consuming. To make it easier for you, PCTransfer has created an interface for your browser and lets you access all of the popular Netscape features with a single click.
PCTransfer details:
PCTransfer is not a browser extension, it’s a stand-alone application with a built-in user

PCtransfer Free Download For PC

Download PCtransfer. It is lightweight, high quality backup software which is easy to use. It notifies you about backup failure and helps you to fix it if there is any problem during backup. You can backup files, folders, web browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera settings, emails, iTunes, Picasa, songs and videos.
Determine what to backup
If you need to backup you can select what to backup using following list of options:
1) Select all – all files and folders will be backed up.
2) Select files & folders – only those files and folders are selected which will be backed up.
3) Select what to backup – specify what exactly needs to be backed up, you may select to backup any of these options:
• If you want to backup the files and folders on your computer, choose «Select all» or «Select files & folders» option.
• If you want to backup only one web browser – choose any from IE, Chrome, Firefox.
• If you want to backup Chrome settings, choose Chrome.
• If you want to backup one email account – choose your email account from Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo.
• If you want to backup one iTunes music – choose iPod, iTunes.
• If you want to backup one video – choose Videos, iTunes.
• If you want to backup one song – choose Songs, iTunes.
• If you want to backup one Picasa album – choose Picasa Album.
• If you want to backup one folder – choose any folder and press «Send to Files & Folders» or «Send to Files & Folders».
• If you want to backup multiple folders – choose multiple folders and press «Send to Files & Folders» or «Send to Files & Folders».
Restore files from backup
All the above mentioned possibilities can be restored as well. Some of the options you need to make sure before restoring the data is to select which backup you are going to restore from and which file you want to restore and you will be able to find these options on the left-hand panel of the program window.
If you are restoring the backup from a removable drive, you can go to «Restore from Files & Folders» – select the folder where you keep your backups and press «Restore».

▌ Setup
PCtransfer is a software utility that allows you to quickly restore data that you have copied to another computer. The idea of using

PCtransfer Torrent (Activation Code)

Portable backup utility PCtransfer allows you to quickly and easily back up all your desktop files, browser favorites, and settings of your installed browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera).
With PCtransfer you can create a back-up either on a separate external hard drive or on a USB flash drive which will have to be plugged into the computer where your backed up files will be restored.
PCtransfer can also backup all the files and folders from the PC’s user interface.
PCtransfer can automatically and automatically backup all the data even after you restart your computer.
Additional features to backup any file or folder:
PCtransfer is a portable application. PCtransfer can be used on any computer without internet connection.
In case a backup will be created on a connected external hard drive, the backup will be saved to a folder on the drive.
PCtransfer can create either a simple or a complete backup. The selection of the backup type is possible from the settings of the backup.
PCtransfer does not need access to the internet. PCtransfer does not need any additional installations.
Support for creating backup during the current installation or installation from a DVD.
Automatic creation of the files and folder backup table.
Automatic creation of the backup list from the list of installed software, installed games, all files and folders of the current profile or of all user profiles.
Automatic creation of the backup list from the list of installed software, installed games, all files and folders of the current profile or of all user profiles.
PCtransfer Backup System.
PCtransfer – Create Backup.
PCtransfer Settings.
PCtransfer – Backup.
PCtransfer – Storage device.
PCtransfer – File and folder backup.
PCtransfer – Software.
PCtransfer – Game.
PCtransfer – Folder.
PCtransfer – Profile.
PCtransfer – All.
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What’s New in the PCtransfer?

PCTransfer is a backup software that allows you to create backups from multiple sources, create backups from multiple locations, save files and folders on a drive, restore files and folders, restore a drive image to another drive, or restore files and folders to another drive. It is extremely easy to use. Everything you need is right there on the screen. It is very intuitive and simple to use.
PCTransfer Key Features
Unlimited number of backups
PCTransfer can be used to create backups from unlimited number of sources (all installed applications, programs, folders, files, images, videos, music etc.).
Automatic copying
PCTransfer can be used to automatically copy files and folders to an image or image folder. It will also restore an image or image folder to any drive.
Backup to a drive
PCTransfer can be used to backup files and folders to any drive. It will also restore any drive image or image folder to any drive.
File system restore
PCTransfer can be used to restore a drive image or image folder to an entire drive, and then to restore the contents of any file to the drive.
File system recovery
PCTransfer can be used to recover files on any drive to an image or image folder. Once the image or image folder is complete, it can be saved to any drive.
File signature validation
PCTransfer can be used to verify the integrity of files, and then restore them to any drive.
File Merging
PCTransfer can be used to merge multiple files into one image.
Search files
PCTransfer can search for a list of files on any drive, then it can import the list, and then restore any file or image to a drive.
Create backup from Applications
PCTransfer can be used to create backups of installed applications and programs. It will save the user settings for those applications.
Create backup from partitions
PCTransfer can be used to create backups of partitions. It is also possible to restore a partition to any drive, and then restore the contents of a file, folder or any application.
Restore restore image to a drive
PCTransfer can be used to restore an image of any drive to a drive. It will also create a drive image from the drive.
Create image from drive
PCTransfer can be used to create an image from any drive. It will also create an image from an image folder.
Create image from files and folders
PCTransfer can be used to create an image from files and folders. It will also create an

System Requirements:

*Windows XP/Vista/7
*DirectX 9.0c compatible
*4GB HDD space
*Mac OSX 10.3.8
*1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
*4GB HD space
*Must be Mac OSX 10.3.8 (compatible with 10.4.11 and later)
*Linux: PC/Intel 1.4GHz


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