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PC AutoTimer is a lightweight, yet very comprehensive application designed to make managing your PC a piece of cake. It has built in features that let it auto-shutdown, auto-restart and auto-hibernate your PC, thus saving you the trouble of doing it manually.
With PC AutoTimer, you can automate
The scheduling of shutdowns, reboots and hibernations.
* Non-interactive
* Startup programs, such as system restore.
* Applications that run on system shutdown
* Scheduled shutdowns and reboots
* Scheduled hibernations
Features include:
* Automatic shutdown, restart and hibernation without interaction.
* Scheduled shutdowns and reboots of your PC
* Non-interactive
* Startup programs, such as system restore
* Scheduled shutdowns and reboots
* Scheduled hibernations
* After shutdown
* Scheduled shutdowns and reboots
* Auto-hibernate
* Auto-restart
* Auto-shutdown
* Auto-boot
* Auto-logon
* Auto-answer phone
* Auto-schedule
* Auto-boot image
* Auto-shutdown image
* Auto-restart image
* Auto-shutdown image
* Auto-logon image
* Auto-answer phone
* Wake up
* Change power settings
* Turn ON/OFF
* Change power settings
* Power off/restart
* Change power settings
* Open app
* Set Alarm
* Set Scheduled Shutdown
* Set Scheduled Restart
* Set Scheduled Hibernation
* Power off
* Change power settings
* Turn OFF/ON
* Change power settings
* Start app
* Send SMS
* Send e-mail
* Wake UP
* Run program/app
* Log on
* Log off
* Double log on
* Restrict access to logon screen
* Restart
* Start up
* Change user
* Reboot
* Shut down
* Set state
* Set state
* Power off
* Quit app
* Power off
* Log off
* Set State
* Change power settings
* Shut down
* Start up
* Power off
* Shut down
* Power off
* Shut down
* Power off
* Power on
* Power off
* Power off
* Turn off
* Power off
* Turn off
* Power off

PC AutoTimer With Serial Key

PC AutoTimer can be installed onto any version of Windows and can be enabled for both 32 and 64-bit platforms. It is highly recommended for users looking for a way to increase system performance by boosting system-saving techniques. It does not require any additional registry space, nor does it void any warranty.
The PC AutoTimer is a free download and it offers everything an advanced PC user would wish for, such as a fully customizable interface that offers four basic tabs. These are the Main settings tab, the advanced settings tab, the host tab and the control tab.
The Main settings tab has a number of options that can be explored to find an ideal working combination. This tab is further divided into sections that include the General settings, the Configuration settings, the Schedule settings, the Required settings and the Advanced settings. We will dive into these sections in a bit more detail.
The advanced settings tab is where the user has access to a few options for fine-tuning the app. We will go into more detail about these in the configuration section.
The host tab is where the user can host their scheduled tasks. The process is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Just click the “Host” tab and select the path of the executable you wish to run. Choose whether you want the scheduled tasks to run in the foreground or the background. Even more, you can also enable the process to run in response to certain events.
The control tab is where the user has access to every other tab. PC AutoTimer has a lot of functions under the control tab, but you can explore these in more details in the following section.
Features of PC AutoTimer
The following are the top essential features of PC AutoTimer:
The configuration settings tab offers you a few options to tweak the working of the app. Here, you can tweak or alter certain properties and parameters, such as the system clock, the windows scheduler, the desktop, and the time.
The Schedule tab allows you to tweak how the scheduled tasks will run. This is an essential component when it comes to setting up optimal automated tasks. For instance, you can choose from the drop-down box the days of the week you wish to run your task, the hours you wish to run your tasks, the date at which you wish to start, and the time. The time you select will be automatically saved as a recurring time.
The Control tab will let you access to all the other features of PC AutoTimer. This is an incredibly handy option.

PC AutoTimer

PC AutoTimer is an easy to use and highly versatile application, which allows you to program your computer to perform various types of jobs automatically, such as shutting down, rebooting, entering sleep mode and so on, using a set of pre-defined tasks.
PC AutoTimer Features:
The app will allow you to set the PC’s state to shutdown, reboot or enter a sleep or hibernation mode, at a specific time of the day or during an ongoing period. This can be done either manually or through the aid of one of the pre-defined tasks, provided by the app. Each task will have a specific run time, which can be extended or shortened, as well as a specific age after which it will be deactivated.
There is also an option, provided by the app, which allows you to program the PC to display a message or run a specified executable, at a set date and time, iteratively. This makes PC AutoTimer an ideal software that provides an in-depth look into the workings of your PC, offering you flexibility and a degree of customizability that will have you looking forward to using the app for quite some time.

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What’s New In?

When the PC fails to boot or shut down, or if it starts the power cycles for any other reason, you can use this program to control the processes, which will eventually lead to a reboot, shutdown or other, given scenario.
The app uses the power of the operating system to perform a given task, which means that you will not have to manually power down or shut down the PC, if you don’t wish to.
Unbeatable value, especially for users who need a way of managing their PC’s state without being too technical, and also run on free platforms
If you work on a PC that will shut down automatically at a specified time, PC AutoTimer will make that an easier process, allowing you to set up a process (specifically in conjunction with the task scheduler), that will send you an email, or update a text file, when the specified moment for restarting arrives.
A tidy, user-friendly interface, which offers help options and informative text in an ample amount, meaning that even those with little or no tech savvy and also those just looking for a neat, user-friendly little setup, can easily make use of the program.
Proven reliability, which is not in need of too much tweaking, and is compatible with a wide variety of platforms
There is also no need to spend too much time tweaking its code, since PC AutoTimer is already one of the most stable programs, once it is properly configured, in the market, meaning that it can be used in a wide range of platforms and won’t cause any problems in that regard.

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If you keep your PC running all the time, you may discover that you never actually have time to do the things that you want to do because you just can’t seem to find the time to put it off, not to mention that things like keeping your PC running smoothly can be an overwhelming and stressful chore.

However, as a user of a busy, always-online PC, managing your system will inevitably create complications, both for you and for the daily tasks that you want to accomplish. On top of that, if something goes wrong with your PC, then it can also be a matter of concern, and that’s not

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Provides advanced debugging tools for IDA Pro, including modules for memory analysis, disassembly, and more.
Cuckoo is a set of IDA plugins that work together to provide a range of advanced debugging and analysis tools, written in the C# programming language. This is the first release of Cuckoo and we’re pretty excited about it.
If you’d like to see what’s new in the next release, please check out the blog post or visit the Cuckoo GitHub page.
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