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NVorbis is a handy and reliable development component designed to decode Xiph.org Vorbis containers.
The library is implemented in compliance with the specification issues by Xiph.org and currently features support for OGG files.


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– OGG support.
– Comfortable static linking.
– Full support for Ogg Vorbis 1.0 files.
– Easy use, with numerous usage examples.
– Zero memory allocation.
– Valgrind support.
– Simple integration.
– Zero dependencies.
– Very easy configuration.
– Very easy to use.
– Very easy to customize.
– Fast and open source.

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The library consists of the shared and static header file nvorbis.h and three static libraries: libnvorbis.a, libvorbisfile.a, libvorbisenc.a.
The following C or C++ source files can be compiled and linked against this library:
* nv_anal.c nv_convert.c nv_codec.c nv_common.c nv_dsp.c nv_env.c nv_getrandbits.c nv_index.c nv_io.c nv_lpc.c nv_quant.c nv_quant_new.c nv_quant_short.c nv_rdft.c nv_setup.c nv_store.c nv_test.c nv_vector.c
* nv_rate.c nv_tonemap.c
* nv_enc.c nv_encode.c nv_dec.c
* nv_aac.c nv_pcm.c nv_index.c
* nv_adpcm.c
* nv_xing.c nv_aacps.c nv_qcelp.c
* nv_drc.c
* nv_flac.c
The following variables are defined by NVorbis:
NV_VERSION = Constants module.
NV_CURRENT_VERSION = The library’s version.
NV_ASSERTIONS = Define this symbol to use compilation level assertions.
NV_LOG_INFO = Define this symbol to log the internal state.
NV_FLAC_ALGORITHM = Define this symbol to enable the flac plugin.
NV_ALLOW_MISSING_REMOVALS = Define this symbol to allow some valid blocks to be removed.
NV_ALLOW_MISSING_VALUES = Define this symbol to allow some blocks to be uninitialized.
NV_ALLOW_INVOCATION_OF_NON_EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS = Define this symbol to allow calls of non-exported functions.
NV_ALLOW_INVOCATION_OF_EXPORTED_FUNCTIONS = Define this symbol to allow calls of exported functions.

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NVorbis is a generic and handy component designed to decode Xiph.org Vorbis containers.
NVorbis can be built with VC 1.7.0 or later.
NVorbis packages a very friendly wrapper around the Vorbis library. NVorbis provides an easy interface to the Vorbis library and allows for a much more efficient/simpler use of Vorbis decoder.
NVorbis was first implemented for Ipod only, but is much more flexible. It was originally designed to work on a system with only one process, but also works fine on multi-process systems with multiple threads.
NVorbis is useful on embedded devices such as mobiles or devices with minimal memory.
Programming with NVorbis is very simple. Simply specify the input filename and the library will decode the file.
NVorbis Functions:
create_stream – Create an output stream from a Vorbis bitstream.
add_stream – Add an output stream to a bitstream.
decode_helper – Decode stream helper, this function returns a chunk of an audio frame.
get_sample – Get a sample from a stream, it returns a pointer to an unsigned short.
release_stream – Release the decoder.
strerror – Print string describing the error message.
vorbis_get_audioinfo – Get audio information (sample rate, bitrate, channels, mode).
vorbis_info – Get audio information of the current stream.
vorbis_synthesis_blockin – In case of frame packing, this function returns how many bytes the specified block will occupy.
vorbis_synthesis_id – this function returns the synthesis frame’s number.
vorbis_synthesis_headerin – This function returns the frame header of the specified synthesis frame.
vorbis_synthesis_init – Initialize a synthesizer.
vorbis_synthesis_read – This function reads data from an input stream.
vorbis_synthesis_reset – Reset/reset the synthesizer.
vorbis_synthesis_blockout – This function returns the frame to be outputted.
vorbis_synthesis_read_header – This function returns the frame header of the specified synthesis frame.
vorbis_synthesis_read_sequence – This function reads data from an input stream.

What’s New in the?

NVorbis is a library designed to decode Xiph.org Vorbis files.
It was created to support the development of Xiph.org’s original libvorbis implementation and is based on the implementation of that library.
The library is 100% free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
License: GNU GPL License
1.0 The GNU General Public License
Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Xiph.org Foundation
Copyright (C) 2003-2004, 2006, 2007, 2008 Thomas Reid
Copyright (C) 2008-2009 Jean-Marc Valin


2.1 Open Source Licenses
The files in this directory are released under the following licenses:

Bastien Nocera – GNU General Public License

Gilles Marillier – GNU General Public License

Michael Ballew – GNU General Public License

Xiph.org – GNU General Public License

2.2 Other Licenses
NVorbis is released under the following licenses:

NightHawk – BSD License

2.3 Competing Software
There are other software packages that also support decoding Ogg Vorbis streams.
These packages should be licensed to follow the terms of the above-cited licenses,
including the GNU General Public License.

libsndfile – GNU General Public License

libsoxr – GNU General Public License

libVorbis – GNU General Public License

If the above-cited software packages are not licensed according to the terms of the above-cited licenses,
then we do not allow the use of NVorbis, or the libraries or of any functions that can be derived from them in any way.

The above list is not exhaustive.


3.1 Encoding an audio stream
The following code shows how

System Requirements For NVorbis:

System Requirements
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Processor: Dual core CPU at 2.0 GHz or faster (recommended)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM 1.2 support
Hard Disk: 25 GB available space
Sound: 128-bit stereo sound card
Input: Keyboard and mouse
Additional Requirements:
10-inch display or higher
MSI Afterburner installed and latest drivers (vista or newer)
TSLTY Custom Set-up


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