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I finally found the cause of the bug:
I downloaded the newest version of the simulator (if you already have v4.02, the issue should be resolved) but, after running it, I accidentally clicked “Run Now” instead of “Stop”. This ended up uninstalling the emulator.
I then went to my downloads folder and extracted the ISO file of the latest version.
I uninstalled all versions of and I installed version 4.02.

Declining prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among Norwegian teenagers.
Objective To analyse trends in prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors (CVRF) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors among 15-year-old Norwegian students during a 22-year period. Methods A total of 11,319 adolescents (45.3% boys) in sixth grade, in two similar Norwegian schools in spring and autumn 1994, 2001, 2012 and 2016, were measured in a standardized health examination and received risk factor values. Results CVD risk factors (body mass index, hypertension, total cholesterol, high-density-lipoprotein, diabetes, smoking, abdominal obesity and family history of CVD) decreased from 21.7 to 11.1% and 15.5-12.6% in males and females, respectively. Hypertension (from 15.0 to 6.0%) and diabetes (from 3.0 to 0.5%) were most reduced. High-density-lipoprotein increased (from 31.7 to 34.5%) and smoking declined (from 36.7 to 27.6%) most in boys. Blood pressure increased slightly in girls. Low-density-lipoprotein increased in both genders. Abdominal obesity increased in boys and remained at the same level in girls. Abnormal high-density-lipoprotein, fasting glucose and family history of CVD increased most in boys. Smoking decreased in both genders. CVD risk factors increased in girls, whereas hypertension and diabetes increased in boys. Conclusion CVD risk factors decreased for both genders, with a larger decline for boys. The decline in risk factors was not uniform across all CVRFs or CVD risk factors, and smoking declined in girls

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