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MusicGoals Eye and Ear is a software that will help you develop and improve skills without rhythm such as notation, sound, instrument knowledge, and music theory.
Drill each element in staff notation, in sound, and on a screen diagram of your instrument. By combining related activities, learn to connect what you hear with notation and your instrument. Learn Music Fundamentals, Ear Training, Sight-Reading, and Music Theory. Master notes, scales, intervals, chords by eye and ear. Study piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, or bass.
Learn to read music, play by ear, improvise, and memorize. There are 62 activities each having levels for beginners to very advanced musicians. Together with MusicGoals Rhythm (not included) the MusicGoals programs build aural and performance skill while developing a firm understanding of notation and music theory. Each skill is isolated so that it can be developed independently. Areas of weakness are revealed and efficiently mastered.







MusicGoals By Eye And Ear [32|64bit]

-The most comprehensive musical training program available in the world
-Over 500 activities – each one organized into specific skill levels from beginner to advanced
-Each activity has levels, so you can learn each skill progressively
-Each activity is designed to be completed in a single training session
-Gives you the ability to understand the written music, play by ear, improvise, and memorize
-Practice is designed to enable you to understand notated music
-Articulate your musical knowledge
-Incorporates MusicGoals Rhythm which not only teaches you to read music but to play by ear, improvise and memorize
-Incorporates MusicGoals notation which allows you to study and learn the basics of music notation
-MusicGoals programs combine the Eye and Ear elements and has developed a structured approach to development
-MusicGoals by Eye and Ear Torrent Download is the ultimate music training program
MusicGoals Eye and Ear is for musicians of all ages who want to improve their skills, but don’t have the time to do it.
Professionals who need to advance in their craft, but can’t commit to a lengthy apprenticeship, will find it ideal.
Musicians of all levels will benefit from these comprehensive training programs.
If you’re a beginner student studying music in a school setting, you’ll also find these comprehensive training programs ideal.
If you are a parent of an aspiring musician and don’t want your child to miss out, MusicGoals is a great way to help your child develop the skills needed to play their instrument.
MusicGoals is developed by MusicGoals International, a music training company since 1983.
Developed by MusicGoals International
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published:21 Feb 2016

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In this music video, we introduce the key phrases for the key of C. C is the key that includes all the notes necessary to play a large range of songs. Learn to recognize the different key signatures and how to read and play music notes.

What are the

MusicGoals By Eye And Ear Crack + X64

– Music theory: Compound, simple, and changing chords, key signatures, accidentals
– Notation: Notes, clefs, accidentals, and more
– In music technology: Play back recorded music, measure and more.
– Sight reading: Learn to read music by ear, sight reading, and reading music notation
– Auditioning: Play instrumental and vocal music, record yourself, and practice playing to musical examples.
– Recording: Record yourself and play back.
– Tools: Play and compose from a computer, connect and disconnect instruments, score charts, and so much more.
– Lessons: Lessons are audio tutorials that train you one skill at a time. You learn the technique in lessons and then practice and repeat until you master it.
– Score creator: Create your own musical composition from scratch, using notes and chord symbols.
– Links: You can save the songs, progress through the lessons, and save a musical example. The links are built-in.
– Practice: Select from 30 different songs and a recorder to practice your skills.
– Tutorial: Tutorials train you one skill at a time. You learn the technique in tutorials and then practice and repeat until you master it.
– Videos: Watch expert demonstrations and tutorials.
– Worksheets: Practice exercises and puzzles that reinforce learning, and test your skills.
– Audio: Listen to expert musical examples, but the system will play for you.
– Vocal: There are 5 vocal exercises you can practice at any time.
– Pictures: You can add lyrics, pictures, and annotations.
– Practice sets: You can create your own practice sets.
– Timeline: Track your progress over time.
– Edit songs: Cut, paste, and delete songs.
– Level: Discover 6 different levels to choose from. You can create your own level, too.
– Developer: Find out about the developer.
– Share: Download the MusicGoals player or audio-only application. The player is free.
– Follow: You can follow the developer, read reviews, and see what customers think about the program.
– Feedback: The developer looks for feedback, including comments, questions, and suggestions.
– If you have feedback or suggestions, post them here:
Thanks for trying MusicGoals.

Premium Features
– New member: You can join this Premium Account and get the product at a big discount.


MusicGoals By Eye And Ear Free

★ This application gives you the music software your music school never taught you.
★ The first method is a 12-week program with many modules that teaches you to read and play music. Learn how to read music and play a music instrument by eye and ear.
★ The second method is a series of activities that help develop various performance skills. You will learn to read music, play by ear, improvise, and memorize.
★ Once you are familiar with the application, you can continue to add the final module with just 2 hours a week.
★ The exercises, activities, and books are all easily accessible.
★ The voice gives you fast feedback to every movement you make.
★ An extensive history of all your progress is maintained to help you review and learn efficiently.
★ The very best music software is designed with you in mind. The app comes from experience and from over 30 years of research in music education.
★ Videos are available, support team is available and happy to help you.
★ Get the app and get started today!

“MusicGoals Percussion is a complete percussion series that includes over 300 interactive lessons. Each lesson includes music notes and vocalizations that you can play with your instrument or with your mouth. You can practice each lesson over and over until you are really good at it. In this app, you can also play along with song clips.”
In this app you will find 4 modes: Audio Mode, Vocal Mode, Instrument Mode, Song Mode.
Audio Mode:
★ Each lesson contains piano and guitar notation that you can play with your instrument.
★ Vocal Mode:
★ Any part of the lesson can be played by the microphone.
★ If you practice any lesson you will be able to play along with the song you have selected.
Instrument Mode:
★ You can choose between the drum set, guitar, and the bass.
★ You can practice any part of the lesson and play along with a song at the same time.
Song Mode:
★ You can select from the many musical compositions in the app.
★ You can select the tempo, key, and meter.
★ You can play along with any part of the lesson or use the teacher’s voice to help you practice.
• New feature: you can now listen to a sample of the song you are practicing!

“MusicGoals Guitar is a complete guitar course designed to help you learn to play guitar by

What’s New In?

Musical notation is a representation of music on a written page. From pitch to rhythm to instrumentation, notation represents the musical qualities of a piece.

To perform a piece, one needs to recognize the key, tempo, melody, rhythm, chords, lyrics, timing, instrumentation, and pitch. The first step in performing music is to read the music, the second step is to play it, the third step is to sing it.

So we give you a music notation program to teach you to read music. It also has a lot of activities to make the music reading easier for you. So, start your music reading journey with this MusicGoals notation software and learn music notation.

Follow the Musical Notes with MusicGoalsNotation:

Discover the world of music.

Developing reading skills is the first step to develop music skills. MusicGoals notation teaches you to read music by gradually changing the level of difficulty for each element in music notation.

Understand music theory.

Developing your understanding of music theory is essential to music performance. MusicGoals notation is designed to teach you music theory by challenging you.

Learn to improvise.

You don’t have to be a professional musician to improvise. MusicGoals notation is for you to help you improve your improvisation skills. MusicGoals notation has 36 activities including Sight-Reading, Sight-Pitch, Intervals, Timing, Chord, Solo, and Arpeggios.

MusicGoals Chords is a Guitar Notation software that is designed for guitar players. It is an easy way to learn to read guitar tabs and chords.

Tones like major, minor, pentatonic and tonic are read with single and dual lines. You will be able to read most of the songs you know.

Listen to the tones, play them and you’ll see your fingers automatically do the same. You can also learn to play tab.

The notes and the chords in the tabs are read from right to left, then from left to right, then from right to left again, this is called reading a chord in a tab.

The initial tab displays with the notes from low to high pitch, from right to left.

You can read single, dual and triple notes as well as those with or without fret numbers.

There is also tab display with frets above and below the notes. The pitch is displayed on the neck, not in the tab.

The tab display with the fret numbers will show you where to put your fingers on the neck.

By highlighting the tab you will be able to see the guitar chords, the notation of the strings in blue and the fret numbers in red.

The guitar tab software runs without the need to download any additional software. It runs on Windows 8.1, 10

System Requirements For MusicGoals By Eye And Ear:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics/AMD HD Graphics/NVidia equivalent
Storage: 50GB available space for the installation files
Official site:

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