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Formatting OneDrive Files with Yahoo!!! – Now, you can easily and quickly format OneDrive files with Yahoo!!! to convert them to other file formats, such as RAW and JPG. All these features are available on your desktop with the help of the Yahoo!!! Drive tool which is available for free and can be downloaded here:
Yahoo!!! Drive Tool download
Benefits of Using Yahoo!!! Drive Tool:

Yahoo!!! Drive tool is a very simple to use tool, which allows you to easily convert the Yahoo! files to any of the following file formats:
After using the tool, you can easily view, create and share these converted files on the go.
Yahoo!!! Drive Tool Features:

Support for all of the following formats:
The tool allows you to convert files even if the file size is larger than the limitation.
This tool is completely free and no ads are included.

All the above features make Yahoo!!! Drive tool quite popular among users who often need to format the files on their PCs.

This tool works on Windows OS-Windows 7, 8, 10 and windows.

How to use Yahoo!!! Drive Tool?

Step 1: After you download the tool, you will be asked to install it. Before you proceed, keep in mind that the tool doesn’t support the automatic conversion of the Yahoo! files to other formats. In order to convert the files you will have to manually select the format for the files. In order to do that, just select the file format and convert it to a different format.

Step 2: After you have selected the files, just click on the button Convert Now and then wait for a few minutes to convert the files. After converting, you can preview the files and then select the files and files you want to share with others. You can also share your files by converting them into the desired format.


This is an amazing tool to handle the Yahoo! files. The Yahoo! Drive tool is very easy to use and works effectively. This tool is available for free.

CD Burning Software for Windows 8.1 – If you are looking for a tool to burn CDs or DVDs for Windows 8.1, then you can use CD Burning software. This tool works effectively and supports various types of

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3D Paintbrush (aka Paintbrush 3D) is a simple yet powerful paint application. It supports both 2D and 3D graphics and can load and save DXF files, DDS files, EMF and JPG images. It also includes an image editor with a collection of filters and tools for retouching and painting. It includes support for layers, text, curves and other digital art effects, and a selection of brush sets and opacity levels.

3D Paintbrush is a program designed to help artists, 3D modelers, and game developers create good looking and natural looking 3D artwork. It supports both 2D and 3D graphics and can load and save DXF files, DDS files, EMF and JPG images. It includes a variety of brushes, gradients, and textures. It includes support for layers, text, curves and other digital art effects, and a selection of brush sets and opacity levels.

3D Paintbrush is a paint application similar to Photoshop. It can load and save DDS, DXF, EMF, JPG, BMP and PNG files, and supports both 2D and 3D graphics. It includes a collection of standard brushes, gradient fills, text, and curves.

3D Paintbrush can also import and export DXF, DDS, JPG, PNG, and TGA files, as well as PSD, EMF, and JPG files.

3D Paintbrush supports layers, which make it possible to paint multiple objects in one image file.

It supports both path and bitmap brushes.

It includes the ability to paint from a selection, and paint on locked layers.

3D Paintbrush includes a variety of art effects, including deformation effects, texture paint, displacement, text, and gradients.

Version 1.2 has been released and fixes a bug where the image preview would sometimes not load, and other minor bugs.

Additional Features:

Supports a variety of brushes, including brushes that support a variety of presets, gradient fills, and text.

Automatic grid: You can switch to a grid while drawing to improve your productivity.

Automatic layer selection: 3D Paintbrush automatically selects the topmost layer when you select a layer in the listbox.

Vectorized graphic modes: You can save your work in vector graphic formats such as DXF, DDS, EMF, and JPG.

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Total Commander (TC) is the most popular file manager for Windows. Its features are almost limitless because it supports all the file types that are generally available and a lot of programming languages are supported by the utility. You can open files using the native Windows Explorer window, right-click on a file to open a new instance of TC, you can manipulate the files using the toolbar at the top of the main window and the list on the left, you can explore the contents of the Recycle Bin to remove the files stored there, you can manage the various kinds of drives and networks, etc. The program has dozens of tools and commands to make your life easier. It comes with an extensive help file. In addition, you can translate TC into your native language. A free version of the utility is available for you to download from the official website.

SwiftRename is a small, light weight application developed to provide a fast way to perform renaming operations. It has been tested and proven on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 operating systems.
It runs silently in the system tray. To gain access to its main features, all you have to do is right-click on its icon and select either Rename or Move and it will open an elegant graphical interface where you can rename files, folders and whole directories.
To create a new file, you simply click on New and you can change the name by typing or copying the file’s original name.
To rename existing files, you can either copy the original name to a given place, or change it to anything else you want.
You can even change the file type with the existing options that the program provides.
SwiftRename also has an option to cut and paste data to and from the clipboard. To open the clipboard, select it from the context menu of any window, and the program will open automatically.
The application is also a powerful file manager because it can move, copy, or delete files, folders, and the whole directory.
SwiftRename is available as a free version of the program.

SpeedDrive is an easy-to-use, lightweight application to backup and restore files, folders, partitions, and entire volumes. The program uses technology based on MD5 and SHA-1 digital signatures that are used to check the integrity of files and folders on the drive.
SpeedDrive is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
You can easily restore any files,

What’s New in the?

MicroBin is a simple program that makes it easy to empty the Recycle Bin. It can be run as an administrator and will not leave files in the system. It’s quick and hassle free. Just double click the icon in the system tray and empty the Recycle Bin in seconds!
– No installation required
– Simple, fast, and hassle-free
– Deletes items from your Recycle Bin
– Allows you to empty Recycle Bin without administrative rights
– Compatible with all versions of Windows
– Runs silently
– Can be hidden from the system tray (optional)
What’s new in MicroBin:
Version 1.0.1
– Updated to support Windows 10
Version 1.0
– Initial Release
If you want to contact us, please email us at support@advanced.korban.com

The easiest way to automatically delete old files, backup schedule and a lot of useful application features.

Does any tool exist that can back up my folders and images automatically? This is the simple and easy to use Autombox.

One of the most popular cloud services to start with. We will be making all the features available for this. Stay tuned for more updates.
To install GeoFire, use the following Terminal command:
$ sudo gem install geo_fire
$ gem install geo_fire
Or if you want the whole GeoFire stack, use the following Terminal command:
$ sudo gem install geo_fire geo_fire_simple_adapter geo_fire_realtime_adapter
For a full video tutorial on how to setup Firebase with swift 3:

My app:

The utility manages Windows backup and restores, allowing you to create backup, modify and restore it. It provides you with the ability to save your data onto a single drive or a multi-drive location. The data is archived into a zip file and then compressed. The archive file is encrypted and digitally signed.

Free File Organizer – The application is used for file backup and organizing. The utility allows you to manage your files and folders. You can save files, folders and organize them. You can create folders, create/open them or delete them. All the data is safely encrypted. The utilities have a simple, intuitive and friendly interface, so you will have no problems using it. The utility allows you to create backup, modify and restore it. The data is archived into a zip file and then compressed. The archive file is encrypted and digitally signed. If you’re looking for a solution for your data backup problems, then you should definitely download and install the

System Requirements For MicroBin:

Game: Resident Evil 6
Platform: PC
Size: 700 MB
700 MB
Copy protection: GOG
Save type: Single player
Single player
Controls: Keyboard, mouse
AMD – Radeon 7900/Radeon HD 7950/Radeon HD 7970 (OpenGL 4.2)
– Radeon 7900/Radeon HD 7950/Radeon HD 7970 (OpenGL 4.2)
Intel – i5-2400/i5


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