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MaraDNS was developed with the main purpose of implementing the Domain Name Service (DNS) on your computer.
Users like MaraDNS because it’s small, lightweight, easy to set up, cross-platform, and remarkably secure.







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MaraDNS Activation Code, or Multi-Authority DNS, is a highly-configurable DNS server which provides multiple authoritative DNS servers, all of which can be managed by one user from a single interface. MaraDNS Cracked Version is the result of the massive desire for an all-in-one DNS server that will provide the ultimate settings flexibility and power. MaraDNS comes in a choice of five different skins, all of which can be customized easily and intuitively. MaraDNS runs on Linux, BSD, Windows, Mac, and even on Arduino devices.

– Supports booting from a CD or USB flash drive, or running a full installation from a hard disk drive
– MaraDNS is set up and managed entirely from the command line
– Possibility to add, remove, and rename domains
– Inactive domains are shown in a dark-grey font and are disabled
– Possibility to create arbitrary namespaces and subdomains
– Possibility to dynamically configure IP and DNS address
– Possibility to change TTL, load balancing, priority, and even port
– Possibility to register domain names in arbitrary top level domains, such,.com,.net,.org, etc.
– DNS, mail, and SSL services can be enabled/disabled individually
– Possibility to set up ACLs
– Possibility to create multiple firewall rules
– Possibility to send emails in many different ways, like POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and POPS
– Possibility to use several different protocols, including SMTP, IMAP, POP3, POPS, and NNTP.
– Possibility to use either local accounts or LDAP
– Possibility to serve arbitrary text files as DSNs
– Possibility to use customized proxy
– Possibility to restrict user access to only a specified set of IP addresses
– Possibility to use MaraDNS as reverse DNS server
– Possibility to use MaraDNS as NS (negative cache) server
– Possibility to use MaraDNS as DNS resolver server

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MaraDNS has many functions, but let’s first cover the basics.

MaraDNS is a service that allows you to serve DNS queries, and other similar services to your users.

MaraDNS comes in a choice of five different skins which

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MaraDNS provides quick and easy to understand DNS Host/Alias Domain Name Service (DNS) functions. MaraDNS is a fully cross platform DNS server that has been distributed in the form of an installer for Windows, Linux, and Mac. MaraDNS can be run as a stand alone server, with the included web front end, or integrated with popular web browsers as Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox. At the time of this release MaraDNS is API compatible with Mozilla Firefox, versions 3 and later, and Internet Explorer, version 6 and later. MaraDNS makes it easy to resolve host names in the domain name server (DNS) on a client. MaraDNS can be installed, configured, and enabled using a wizard assisted set up program on any Windows operating system. – Compatible with IE 6, 7, 8 & 9 Mozilla FireFox 3.x.x.x, 4, 5.x.x.x, and 6.x.x.x. The Web Interface works with Windows, Linux, Mac and Macintosh.
MaraDNS Features:
* System wide DNS service – Users of this server can globally resolve host names from their host.
* Host/Domain A record support (solved from to IP address)
* Fully platform independent – Works on Windows and Linux platforms.
* Hotfix updates and configuration guide included – This new release features a set of new hotfixes and compatibility features.
* LUA Text (1.x.x.x and 2.x.x.x) Loader included (not default) – Allows users to easily modify the MaraDNS web interface with their own custom text tables.
* Configurable (again) – MaraDNS provides a configurable web interface for common options that can easily be modified with the included wizard. – See MaraDNS Wiki
* Pre-configured Rules – MaraDNS uses a set of pre-configured rules for common DNS problems. – See MaraDNS Wiki
* Cross platform – Built for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. – See MaraDNS Wiki
* Easy to use – A wizard assisted program was built to easily configure MaraDNS.
* Local DNS Backup – MaraDNS provides a set of instructions on how to create a local DNS backup of MaraDNS in case of possible corruption of MaraDNS itself. – See MaraDNS Wiki
* Web Interface included – This new release includes a new

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MaraDNS does NOT require root access, can be installed in 2 clicks, uses a highly customizable, flexible, user-friendly interface, and responds to even the most finicky zone file formats. From MaraDNS, you can set up multiple authoritative nameservers and bind your own DNS domains. You can specify any number of recursive nameservers which MaraDNS will point towards, for ultra-reliable results.
✔ Native IPv6 support.
✔ IPv6 Compatibility: MaraDNS can listen to both IPv4 and IPv6 Address space for DNS queries.
✔ Multi-platform Support: MaraDNS has native support for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and AIX.
✔ Serverless Setup: No configuration and installation of MaraDNS is necessary, as there is no service daemon process to install and run on your computer. You simply download the MaraDNS binaries and double click on them to install.
✔ User-friendly GUI: MaraDNS can be managed through a user-friendly graphical interface, which makes it easy for any computer user to set up and use MaraDNS without prior knowledge of network security protocols, DNS usage, and advanced networking.
✔ Built in authoritative and recursive DNS: With the built-in MaraDNS DNS service, you can use MaraDNS as an authoritative or recursive DNS server and have ultra-reliable DNS resolution. You can even specify a range of DNS servers to use for lookups. For this reason, MaraDNS is highly recommended for domains with traffic and DNS usage that needs to be highly reliable and secure.
✔ DNS Security: MaraDNS uses secure and flexible LDAP authentication to create users, which can authenticate using standard LDAP methods. MaraDNS itself uses IP filtering, UDP filtering, DNSSEC support, and several other security features to ensure that your DNS traffic is secured.
✔ Very lightweight: Because MaraDNS does not require a background service running on your computer, it is very lightweight.
✔ Compatible with most zone file formats: MaraDNS can read and output most zone file formats, including Zoneedit, Google Public DNS, BIND, DHCP, DNSKEY, and so on.
✔ Security: MaraDNS features a smart random naming scheme to generate unique user and domain names, and uses secure, flexible user authentication to ensure that your domain is only accessible by you.
✔ Administrative interfaces: Mara

What’s New in the?

MaraDNS is a DNS based reverse proxy (rp), proxying all TCP connections to a specific hosts using X11’s reverse dns stub-resolver.
It can be configured to work over a non-standard port, listen to multiple ports, optionally accept/deny requests with different configurations and prefixes, and supports real names for remote hosts.
When configured to listen to a specific port and host, the reverse proxy runs in a seperate thread while accepting inbound connections, forwarding them outbound to the original host.
The port and host are specified in config file, command line, or environment variables.
Each configuration node can be a specific host, prefix, realname, port, or prefix:port and it is given a name.
The nodes are merged together to construct the config, which uses a dot notation to refer to the names.
For example:
If the entries are in /usr/local/etc/maradns/maradns.conf:

X11StubResolver.dnsserver.local X11StubResolver.DNS.X11StubResolver.test

would result in:



A string in which the user must enter either a host, port, or both.

A string in which the user must enter either a host, port, or both.

A string in which the user must enter either a host, port, or both.


A string in which the user must enter either a host, port, or both.


A string which is the DNS server to which X11 stub resolver connects.

A string which is the host name which X11 stub resolver connects to.


System Requirements:

-Requires Dual GPU
-AMD: Graphics Processor (Radeon HD 7850, 7870, R9 270/280)
-NVIDIA: Graphics Processor (GeForce GT 630, 650, 660, 660 Ti, 670, 680, 670M, 680M, 670MX, 690, GTX 760)
-Intel: Graphics Processor (Quadro 600, 650, 645, 645M, 650M, 645/M/D, 640M, 630, 610, 630M, 620M, 640,

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