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Chaos (Chinese: 恐怖; Japanese: 差し替え; pinyin: Xǐtōng; literally «Crazy») is a Chinese martial art based on the internal energy and the syncopated human body. It uses a term as «Xing» (兴), which is a Chinese term for the forces of change and transformation in life.

Chaos Kung Fu is a blend of the realistic simulation and digitization of traditional Chinese martial arts with American western combat techniques. Chaos Kung Fu focuses on the psychological aspects of combat, and uses modern science to base the physical movement of a human being in a fluid motion, rather than an organic evolution of nature. In addition, Chaos Kung Fu utilizes the natural energy of nature.

Chaos Kung Fu consists of 8 systems: The Dragon system, Tiger system, Serpent system, Monkey system, Crane system, Snake system, Serpentine system, and Monkey system.

Introduction to Chi Kung

Chi Kung (Chinese: 功夫; pinyin: Jiǔbu) is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine and a complementary therapeutic approach. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that chi (energy) flows throughout the body and regulates all of the body’s physiological functions. Chi Kung seeks to achieve an optimal energy flow throughout the body by exercising the human body in a specific way, in order to activate the internal energy. Chi Kung is commonly used in conjunction with acupuncture and has similar methods as Qigong (which is also a branch of traditional Chinese medicine).

Description of the exercises

Chi Kung consists of the following systems:

Dragon system

The Dragon system is a series of twelve arm positions which are used to create internal forces of movement that flow through the body. The Dragon system is a series of hand and arm movements which results in the external flow of chi into the body. By using the hand movements of the Dragon system, a practitioner will be able to activate the internal organs of the body, which in turn will activate and circulate chi throughout the body.

In the Dragon system, the practitioner lies on the ground and takes two powerful positions which help to activate the lower body and lower back. A practitioner begins by lying on his/her ce698b3d9e

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