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INFekt 0.7.2 Crack + Free X64

Easy NFO Tool that supports text viewers, consoles, command line, and all known types of NFO files.

Control Directly all fields within NFO Files

Supports all types of NFO Files including ASCII, UTF8, Multi Unicode etc.

Unique feature: it accepts multiple input file on a single click.

Supports command line that supports CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and additional copy paste.

Supports changing directory

Supports editing file

Supports Rename, Delete, Open, Close, Paste or download as ZIP File

Supports all common data types for NFO file

System Requirements:

Operating Systems : Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

RAM : Minimum of 1GB

Control Panel : Must be Administrator for access

Intel Pentium 3.0Ghz or newer processing capability

64 bit Processing

Memory 64 MB is recommended for windows 10( 32bit)

Changes :

Now we can open multiple files at a time.

We have updated our home page and our pricing page.

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INFekt 0.7.2 Crack

Being a user of Windows operating systems, it is pretty difficult to be surprised by a default interface to open files, but even the creators of the tool don’t do that. Although iNFekt 2022 Crack is nothing more than a file reader, to the unaware it will seem like a big task of opening and viewing files.

However, when you are already used to the way the popular Linux based operating system KDE handles files, you’ll easily get used to the app’s interface.

During my time with iNFekt, I’ve realized that it isn’t just a useless tool. For example, I could extract the creation and the release dates of files I’ve downloaded and uploaded to the internet, or even know the font used in an NFO file.

So, if you prefer working with text based tools, iNFekt might be what you’ve been looking for. But if you’re looking for some other features than just watching a file, you may not find them here.

iNFeckt Screenshot:

iNFekt Package Name:

iNFekt Version Number:

iNFekt License:

iNFekt Package Size:


Download and run iNFekt, your media related NFO files should appear in the box on the left.

iNFekt is an alternative to NFO Viewer, as it decrypts NFO files. You can extract all the information into a format such as PNG, Unicode, HTML, PDF, etc. so you can have a rough idea of the content of any media as you view the data inside an NFO file.

The easy to use interface is very simple to use, after enabling the plugin to open it, just drag and drop any NFO file and you’re ready to go. However, for a more full-featured version, there is also an advanced batch mode.

On the right there is the main view for the file, with all the information about it, and also all hyperlinks that are inside the file.

The “File Info” panel shows other information, such as the download and upload times, the file size, and more.

If the above information doesn’t suit your needs, you can also directly jump to the NFO file content panel via the Info button.

The “Edit Info” panel is also very useful. You can set the tooltip to

INFekt 0.7.2

iNFeckt is a simple tool to decode any NFO file, whether it’s from media releases such as Blu-Rays or games. It’s free and open source, so you can use it on every operating system you want.
What is iNFeckt?
iNFeckt is a free, open-source NFO (Not Fully-Open) file decoder and viewer. Besides that, it’s a command line tool, too, allowing for CMD support.
iNFeckt is able to decode most, but not all, NFO files. It has been designed to deal with CP-437 and Unicode files.
iNFeckt is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.
iNFeckt is available for almost every OS. In other words, it can be used on all platforms.
With the help of iNFeckt, you can:
Be informed about the media you have, as well as the software and hardware that allow you to watch it.
Get to know about the author of the software and hardware involved.
Get rid of the aforementioned annoying NFO files and recover your media in a perfect way.
Be able to open different formats, as well as encode media with CP-437, Unicode, PNG, HTML, PDF, and many other formats.
Get to know how many discs or even parts there are inside a media, and even how much space they take up.
Run a quick search for titles and be informed about what other, related media are available.
Keep iNFeckt hidden in the application’s tray to make it easy to access whenever you need to decode files.
Download iNFeckt Here:
iNFeckt is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. Download it for your OS of choice from the link below.
Download Page:
More Dapps:
– IOS Release Page:
– WP Release Page:
– Android Release Page:

What’s New In?

✔ A truly clean NFO file viewer.
✔ A simple but very powerful NFO decoder that lets you deal with corrupted and damaged files.
✔ A command line tool that lets you process NFO files in many different ways.

iNFeckt can display the NFO files like this:
The best NFO tool available in the world, iNFeckt is what you need to add to your arsenal for when you need to read or process NFO files.
You’ll have a fast, clean, and powerful solution that comes at an affordable price.
Features :
* Clean and clean NFO display
* No third-party ads and pop-ups
* Customizable toolbar with text formatting, hyperlinks, and more
* Works with most NFO files of different types
* Can display the NFO and all of its metadata
* Clean, efficient, and fast decodes the NFO, CP 437, and Unicode files at the same time
* Can handle multiple NFO files at once
* Decodes NFO, CP 437 and Unicode files
* No need to unlock the «Decode» button, all you need to do is hit the command line
* Displays the text you type (filter items) in various places
* Displays the summary of the selected NFO file (title, artists, year, tags, etc) on the command line
* Can process the downloaded NFO file if you wish to open it with the command line
* Displays your NFO files in the toolbar
* Fast NFO decodes all files at the same time (even for very large ones)
* Displays the summary of the nfo-file on the command line
* Displays the NFO’s metadata (title, artist, label, year, etc.)
* Displays the folder list of the NFO files on the command line
* Displays the command line as a sort of «terminal for files»
* Displays the command line as sort of a «terminal for folders»
* Displays the command line as a sort of «terminal for folders» (slow option)
* You can split the window in 2 to 3 parts.
* You can split the window in 3 to 5 parts
* Separate columns for the BIN, JPG, META and LICENSE sections
* Can split a column
* Can scroll the items in one column

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows XP with SP3 or Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 with all the updates installed (with the exception of Windows 8 which is unsupported)
RAM: 2 GB or more of memory
Graphics card: 128 MB of graphics memory or more.
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