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Working with financial information, especially in the context of federal aspects such as VAT and various identification numbers, can pose various challenges that arise from both the inherent complexity and the overall variation that can be seen in such approaches. Things can become even more complicated, when wanting to integrate such endeavors in companies, through the deployment of ERP systems.
ID Validation is an app that was developed specifically in order to allow users access to a centralized platform that allows them to perform validation processes for both VAT IDs, as well as EORI numbers.
The application is deployed as a GUI that features several tabs for providing its functionality. Users will be able to both manually input their preferred data, as well as import it, especially when wanting to run batch processing for multiple tasks. Furthermore, numerous details can be queried, which correspond to the VAT ID, and their validity previewed via the dedicated tool.
One will be able to import Excel-compatible formats, such as CSV, JSON, and XLSX, preview detailed output logs, and perform the queries on a direct basis, with interface responses and, if required, also run manual checks for the VAT data in question.


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Manual Applies to:

ID Validation is available for use for free by all users, without any constraints.

Grapevine test, detection, and elimination service is available for a fee, as part of a paid subscription.

Grapevine test and elimination service is available as a standalone product, with a monthly subscription and for a fee.

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Reports functionality is available to allow for detailed information regarding the manufacture of parts, be it on the labor or material level, as well as the associated costs, in the form of 4×4 reports.

Cost Center information, including the total amount as well as the individual products and costs that the company has paid, is also provided. This can be taken into account to make a preliminary discussion of proposed ordering costs in comparison to potential profit.

This application collects data from various sources for use in assisting with production processes, which includes, but is not limited to, the logging of the data that is collected, and the querying of data such as API records, as well as visiting of various websites, and more.

Development Details:

Development of this part has been completed and is available for use as a product for free.

The license and manufacturing structure for the application can be modified upon customer request.

License Details:

The application is available as a license for free with a free trial, which features a limited amount of data storage. The license holder can then either purchase an upgrade, or continue as a trial holder.

The license may be cancelled and deleted at any point, as well as the free trial only being valid for 30 days.

The license can be made on the first of the month.

Any number of users can be added to the license.

The license must be purchased at the same time as the version of the software that it is replacing, in order

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ID Validation is designed to help users in the validation of EORI and VAT numbers. The application’s main function is to retrieve the information using the provided methods. With respect to the value retrieval processes, this app offers a user interface that enables a person to either input manually, or import, or batch submit their own data. Upon the manual input, users will need to pick from the provided fields the number or values they wish to validate, and then enter the number of the relevant system that would need to be queried, once the chosen value has been gathered.
The system then extracts the corresponding number, validation status and, if applicable, possible discrepancies, and then subsequently generates a message. Additionally, the app can be used to perform batch file processing. Here, the user will be able to either manually input the required data, or import it directly from CSV, JSON or XLSX files. After this, they will be able to easily view all their data and extract detailed output. In fact, the various parameters available within the application can be saved, and later used as a reference for further use of the batch process.
The application performs various checks of the data that has been provided to it, and the status of each number will be displayed in the output data. The options available to the user include previewing the details of the provided data directly after the import or the subsequent manual input. Furthermore, all validation data can be saved for later use.
The various methods used to retrieve the numbers and do the queries can all be automated through batch processing. This will allow users to provide the app with the desired parameters, and then perform the import of the necessary data.

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Very Good. Needs Improvement.


ID Validation is a universal application for identifying both the EORI number and the VAT ID numbers. I recommend it to anyone who needs to validate the data. It works well for this purpose. It is easy to use and the support service is available. So I recommend it. I use it as a validation tool for both EORI and VAT.



Jul 5, 2019

ID Validation is a universal application for identifying both the EORI number and the VAT ID numbers. I recommend it to anyone who needs to validate the data. It works well for

What’s New in the?

VAT Validation:
The primary focus of this application lies around the validation of VAT ID numbers.
This particular application can be used for various kinds of validation scenarios, such as the performance of source inquiries regarding the validity of a VAT ID, to make sure that the inputted figure does in fact correspond to an actual valid one, as well as the possible case where you want to check that your IDs are in fact in a certain format, in order to make sure that they will perform as expected in the system.
Such a work flow is shown in the image below.
EP – Export Process:
After an inquiry has been performed, the findings of the investigation will be used in order to export a detailed log.
Based on the final result, the application will either prompt the user to save the information, or notify that the export process has failed.
The generated output will comprise of a log, as well as a preview of the possible output report generated.
ID Number Validation:
The focus of this application lies around the validation of EORI numbers.
This application is specifically designed for the validation of EORI numbers, as well as EORI block numbers.
For EORI numbers, the EORI number will be asked to appear in a certain format in order for it to be considered valid.
The preview function provided will allow the user to make sure that all characters are in fact in the correct format, or make sure that the right amount of digits have been considered when entering the EORI number in question.
For EORI block numbers, the application will ask for a specific block number of the computer, and will require the entered number to be valid.
Based on the inputted data, the application will either prompt the user to save the data, or let them know that the export process has failed.
For both types of validation, a detailed log report will be generated, which will comprise of the inputted data, as well as a notification of success or failure.
Portal Access:
This application has been designed so that it can be accessed through a portal login.
This function will ensure that users will be able to preview what their results will be, and, if required, will allow them to export the data manually.
While logged in, it will also be possible to either search for specific information, or attempt to access data based on its ID or source.
Batch Entry:
The application has been designed so that you can

System Requirements For ID Validation:

– MacBook Pro with Retina display
– USB mouse
– USB Keyboard
– Ethernet connection
– Mac OS X 10.7.3 (or later)
– Intel Core i5
– Intel HD Graphics 4000 or better
– DVD-RW drive
– DirectX 11 graphics card with 4GB of VRAM
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