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GXExplorer was designed as a replacement for the Windows Explorer and File Manager. It includes many useability improvements and new features.
There are many enhancements to the files listed in the left window.

All file types are displayed using the hybrid of the two file type icons: a rectangular one for normal files and a magenta one for compressed files (zip, tar, tar.gz, rar and the like).
All icons are usable, but the rectangle can be shared with another file type.
The 5 big icons for the shortcut menu are supported:

GXExplorer Features:

Drag & Drop functionality

Drag and drop functionality, right-clicking files and folders from the main explorer window and from every search and playlist window.

Search & Display functionality

Search files (files and folders) based on name, size, extention, etc…

Search file contents (content of the files: the plain-text, meta-data, the binary, other meta-data, etc.)

Support for a custom-view for each search box. The custom-view size is automatically adjusted to display only the required file size.

Check File type based on File content

Check the files in the local and network drives based on the content (meta-data, binary, plain-text, etc.).

Check the files in a compressed zip, tar, zip, tar.gz, rar, bz2, etc.

Checking file content with the Content check box:

Checking file content with the Content check box will open the file content with the associated check-window. The content will be displayed in the main window.

All features are supported in the popup windows too.

Search for selected items in the main window.

Selected items in the main window can be displayed in one or more windows. These windows are called «Search» windows.

Search for selected items in a different window.

Selected items in the main window can be displayed in one or more windows. These windows are called «Detail» windows.

Selected items in the main window can be displayed in one or more windows. These windows are called «Selection» windows.

Click on the items in the main window (Search) or other windows (Detail, Selection) and either move, copy or delete them.

Display the selected items in the main window as the

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Global music explorer, Tuneshunter:

Tuneshunter is a complete music explorer. It supports a variety of music players including Media Player Classic, iTunes, Winamp, foobar2000, FLAC, and more.
Tuneshunter’s main features include:
– ability to search all forms of music. You can search by album, artist, song, folder, or filename.
– keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate and search for music.
– automatic downloading of music data.
– built-in library manager.
– ability to play music directly from your computer.
– format and tag support.
Tuneshunter Features:
– Music player selection:
– Media Player Classic (Windows XP/Vista/Win7)
– Windows Media Player (Windows XP/Vista/Win7)
– iTunes (Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5)
– foobar2000 (Mac OS X)
– Winamp (Windows XP/Vista/Win7)
– WinAMP (Windows XP/Vista/Win7)
– TunesStation
– Winamp (Windows Vista/Win7)
– WinAmp (Windows Vista/Win7)
– iTunes (Windows Vista/Win7)
– iTunes (Windows 7)
– FLAC (Mac OS X)
– TAG (Mac OS X)
– Windows application
– Drag and drop functionality for all supported music players
– Automatic updating via the Internet
– Automatically downloads cover art for music files
– Automatically copies music files to your music collection
– Automatically transfers music files to your portable music player
– Automatically converts music file formats
– Automatically converts music file tags and formats
– Automatically rearranges your music collection to match your library
– Automatically reads CD commentaries
– Automatically maintains your audio CD collection
– Automatically scans your CD collection
– Supports all major audio CD formats:.wav,.mp3,.mp2,.ogg,.aiff,.wav,.tta,.vqf,.ac3,.aac,.m4a,.cue
– Supports multiple music collections and storage devices including network drives, DVD/BD’s, online storage such as WinMDF

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* The new UI interface and layout
* Uninstaller window included
* No adware, no spyware (incl. no autostart of the host application)
* No file browser hijacker
* GxExplorer works
* Donations accepted – from 0,01 to 10

The Mini File Managers Beta 7.1.2 and 6.1.3 are available for download.

Mini File Managers Beta 7.1.2 and 6.1.3 Description:
– Fixed: Fullscreen application that is launched via long-pressing the «Open» button.
– Fixed: File manager named «My Documents» was created, on the first run.
– Fixed: On «Open» menu you couldn’t select application for which an appropriate file manager is launched.

New features of the Mini File Managers 6.1.3:
– New: Attachments (when a file is opened from a selected application)
– New: Search function, that searches for applications
– New: Enhanced user interface
– New: Properties of the «Games» menu item
– New: Calendar app and some others
– New: Creator icon in application icon
– New: Improved looks

Download: Mini File Managers Beta 7.1.2 and 6.1.3

Official Forums:



GXExplorer v2.2.1 (Lite) is available for download.

GXExplorer v2.2.1 (Lite) Description:
– No adware, no spyware (incl. no autostart of the host application)
– No file browser hijacker
– GXExplorer works
– Donations accepted – from 0,01 to 10

FTP mirrors:

Official GXExplorer thread:

GXExplorer 2.2.0 is available for download.

GXExplorer 2.2.0 Description:
– Uninstaller window included

What’s New In?

The GXExplorer is a replacement file manager and Windows Explorer for the Linux operating system. It was born out of pure necessity, as Windows Explorer(s) on Linux don’t have the level of functionality provided by Windows Explorer.
GXExplorer Features:
Compatibility with Windows Explorer
GXExplorer works great with Windows Explorer. It uses the same file paths as Explorer, has the same functionality, and with some modifications is even able to import and export the registry to/from Windows Explorer. In addition GXExplorer can be configured to use the native Windows Explorer instead. GXExplorer comes with a plethora of fixes and improvements for compatibility with the Windows Explorer that make the transition from Windows to GXExplorer easier than ever.
Transitioning from the Windows Explorer you are used to is a bit easier now that GXExplorer has been created. The interface itself is mostly the same, but GXExplorer’s interface is slightly improved to make things a little easier to use.
Installing GXExplorer:
To install GXExplorer, you will need to download it from our website, unzip the contents and move the exe into your Windows directory, such as C:\Program Files\gxexplorer.exe. For Windows 10 64 Bit users, make sure to install the X86 version of the installer.
If you have installed GXExplorer and you are experiencing problems, please see here.
Why GXExplorer?
GXExplorer was created because Windows Explorer doesn’t fit well with a non-Windows operating system such as Linux. Windows Explorer simply doesn’t work the same way as the other Linux file managers, like Thunar or PCMan, and is simply much more simple than other Linux file managers.
To install GXExplorer into your system:
1. Download the.tar.gz archive file of the latest stable release (normally from the download section in the GXExplorer website, but see the installation section below for an installation script for Windows).
2. Open the archive, and extract the contents. You will see a folder called gxexplorer/bin/gxexplorer, you should be able to move it into a folder in your path (in Linux, to do this in the terminal, you would run export

System Requirements:

Only listed available languages are supported. We recommend that you test with the latest demo version and recommended settings.
Content & System Requirements:
Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Simplified Chinese.
The entire game, including all missions and all updates, is playable in your game client without access to our server, so this is the recommended way to play the game. However, we strongly advise you to buy and install the demo version of the game to play all available languages, missions, game worlds and all content


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