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Considered one of the four fundamental forces of the Universe (along with the electromagnetic force, the strong interaction and the weak interaction), gravity still remains a mystery; even though we see it in action every time we drop something on the ground or when astronomical objects move, scientists still don’t understand it completely.
Nevertheless, the force is observable and measurable, and still represents one of the most important lessons in any physics class. In order to understand some aspects of gravity, both teachers and students could find an application like Gravity Force Lab useful.
An animated educational app
Created in Java, Gravity Force Lab features an interface where two wooden mannequins pull at two differently colored balls. The user may move the two balls in one dimension (horizontally), but also increase their respective mass, from 0.01 to 100 kg.
The forces that the objects exert on one another is instantly displayed, while the user can also move a virtual ruler to measure the distance between the centers of the two objects. Basically, this all that the application does.
An unimaginative simulation
Remember that Gravity Force Lab is designed first and foremost as a cute little simulation that can make a physics class less boring. An apt teacher can encourage the students to experiment with the two objects, and draw plenty of interesting conclusions, while explaining a fundamental lesson about the Universe.
With that in mind, it’s not difficult to conclude that this isn’t the most imaginative applications created by PhET Interactive Simulations (from the University of Colorado). Their animations are usually crude, but rarely uninteresting, which unfortunately seems to be the case here. Even if Gravity Force Lab is an older application, gravity is a topic that can certainly inspire more ideas than two mannequins pulling at two balls.
Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that Gravity Force Lab can’t be used efficiently as an educational app in a physics class.







Gravity Force Lab 4.30.2 Free Download For Windows [Latest]


Many thanks for this! I’m using it with my kids in my elementary school. They LOVE this program! I’m wondering how to include more people. It needs to be on a website so that I can set the two objects up and then get kids to do a contest to try to figure out who can pull the objects together. I tried to do it by uploading but that doesn’t work.

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Gravity Force Lab 4.30.2 Crack + Incl Product Key Free Download

It’s only two animated mannequins, but they’re full of fun. Place the balls in front of the mannequins, and watch as the objects clatter around!
Two balls are pushed by two mannequins. Each ball is in the shape of a circle, and there are four balls in total. It’s possible to increase the ball’s mass by clicking on a numeric button or by the “Drag ball” button. As long as the balls are placed in front of the mannequins, the largest ball will always be the one that exerts the strongest force on the two wooden mannequins.
Try several experiments to see what happens! Put the balls on the other side of the wooden mannequins, or put them on the other end of the wooden mannequin. Maybe try placing the balls on the floor. Try playing with the number of balls. Try moving the two balls in the same direction, or moving them in the opposite direction. Put the balls down on the four corners of the table.
There are four more features, but I’ve had enough of mannequins with balls!
Gravity Force Lab Product Key Screenshots:

Gravity Force Lab – Better Education?

Yes, Gravity Force Lab is a bit simplistic, but the app has its advantage: it is not too long, is easy to understand, and doesn’t just fill the student with information, but helps them to discover it themselves. The app is very useful for the experimental section of physics lessons.
At the beginning of any physics lesson, students should be able to recognize the gravitational force. However, they will probably have to spend a few classes before they can do that, so Gravity Force Lab can be used as a mean to attract their attention.
Besides the fact that Gravity Force Lab is simple, the app allows students to not only figure out the phenomenon, but to also watch the results of their predictions, and to experiment with gravity on their own terms. It’s hard to learn the basics about gravity if you only know that it exists, without the means to test it.
In terms of physics, Gravity Force Lab is a very good app, and it is perfect for school lessons and home projects alike.

Gravity Force Lab 2.0.0

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Gravity Force Lab 4.30.2 Free

With Gravity Force Lab, PhET provides an easy, fun way to show students Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and the properties of a gravitational field. Just drag objects from a standard 5th-grade-level physics applet onto the screen and watch the gravitational forces act as you stretch and release the two mannequins, which represent mass. Your students can adjust the mass and properties of the mannequin objects by dragging them around the screen.
-A simple yet fully customizable interface.
-Students can drag and drop objects to change mass and properties. The objects are dropped in the center of the screen and vanish when they hit the sides.
-Each object has its own gravity field, so the set of objects’ gravity fields form a gravity field around the screen.
-In addition, the objects have a virtual «bead» that can be dragged around the screen to measure the distance between the objects.
-Reset the masses and properties of the objects whenever you like.
-Calculate the force exerted on an object when it is dropped on the center of the screen.
-Calculate the force exerted on an object when it is dropped on a corner of the screen.
-Configure the interface and measure your students’ progress as they practice Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation.
-Configure the interface and practice Newton’s Second Law of Motion.
-Improve your students’ understanding of force and speed. You will see them draw conclusions like the increase in velocity as the mass of an object is increased, or the increase in acceleration as the gravitational field is increased.
-Use Gravity Force Lab to teach Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. You can also use it to teach the properties of gravitational fields.
-Configure, measure, analyze, and observe the results of your students’ experiments.
-Different physics curriculums may require that your students accomplish the same things in slightly different ways. Gravity Force Lab will help them do just that.
-You can visit the Gravity Force Lab site to see the implementation of Gravity Force Lab in Adobe Flash Player.
-A Java version is also available. You can find the Java version of Gravity Force Lab in the «Physics» submenu on the Physics Download page. You can also download the latest version of the Java version of Gravity Force Lab from the Physics Tools GitHub page. If you find any issues or have any comments, send them to

What’s New in the Gravity Force Lab?

For more applications like Gravity Force Lab, teachers should visit our application page. There, they will find nearly everything they need to use Gravity Force Lab in the classroom. By the way, if there isn’t an application that perfectly matches your needs, you can create one yourself and submit it for consideration.

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