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Image format files, like many other media types, have an increasing variety and volume, and in that context, the choice between do-it-all media handling software and dedicated, single-format solutions can be quite a paradigm in users’ struggle. Built specifically for working with GIF images, Gif View Master will provide users with a single-purpose package, for visualizing image files in the said format.
Minimalist interface, which yields effective handling, thanks to the uncluttered layout and lack of too many features
Gif View Master features a bare interface, which will only accommodate the added file and the two on-screen controls. Speaking of adding files, the application will allow users to rely on the drag-and-drop techniques, which means that efficiency-wise this is an advantage.
However, only single file inputs are supported, meaning that you will be forced to visualize files only one at a time. Although not such a major gripe, this could be bothersome if you’re working with large numbers of files, in an iterative manner.
Adjust the way you preview your GIFs, thanks to the on-screen sliders for controlling the scale and speed
The main features that the application relies upon in order to offer users some degree of control over the loaded content are its scale and speed sliders. Using these, one will be able to easily adjust the way in which the GIF is being displayed.
The simplicity of Gif View Master is both good and bad, at the same time. Those who only need a simple preview tool for images will most likely appreciate its ease of use. However, those seeking just a bit more extra functionality might be left wanting craving for more.
No-brainer image visualizer, which was built to do one thing only, visualize GIFs
Give this app a try, if you need a basic tool to preview your GIFs with. Without any bells and whistles, Gif View Master manages to provide only the essential features for doing so.







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An old-school application (even so, Gif View Master Crack For Windows did not encounter such an age in its existence so far), but definitely it does not mean its less efficient or less useful. In fact, precisely the opposite: it’s old-schoolness and simplicity are the key to its successful working. To get users to open up a new and bigger prospect of using this application, it was clear from the start that there will be no attempt to adapt it to new technological things.
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Gif View Master Activation Code With Keygen Latest

> Gif View Master Torrent Download
> Preview your GIFs.
> Native GIF viewer for Windows.
> Choose from a variety of custom menu items.
> Load GIFs and GIF Frames.
> Flash GIFs and PNG Frames.
> Combine/Split GIFs.
> Invert GIFs.
> Fast PNG/JPG/BMP file viewer and converter.
> Image rotator.
> Compress/enhance/crop/stretch GIFs or JPEGs/PNG/BMP.
> Add, remove and flip GIFs.
> Select and remove GIFs.
> View GIFs in the flipbook and render GIFs frames.
> View/edit multiple GIFs and GIF frames.
> Edit metadata of GIFs and PNG frames.
> Set transparency with PNG/BMP files.
> Preset or custom size.
> Save GIFs and PNG/BMP frames as JPEGs or as PNG.
> Print and Email GIFs to PNG and PDF/EPS images.
> Create and print thumbnails.
> Password-protect and lock files.
> Freeze and speed control.
>… more.
What’s new in this version:
> Add new PNG format support.
> Add the ability to open and save JPEG files.
> Improve speed of importing and exporting.
> Find associated files in Windows Explorer.
> Find a PNG image on a picture frame.
>… more.
What’s new in this version:
> Add a new PNG format.
> Add the ability to export JPEGs.
> Improve speed of importing and exporting.
> Find associated files in Windows Explorer.
> Find a PNG image on a picture frame.
>… more.
Some more information:
> For GIFs: 5 formats, 22 frame types.
> For PNGs: 32 formats, 50 frame types.
> For JPEGs: 24 formats, 50 frame types.
> For BMPs: 24 formats, 50 frame types.
> For JPEGs/BMPs: 24 formats, 50 frame types.
> For ZIPs: Extract and view BMPs in ZIP.
> For PDFs: View multi-page PDF files in thumbnails.
> For PNGs and BMPs: 22 formats.
> For GIFs: 5 formats, 22 frame types.
> For JPEGs: 24

Gif View Master With Keygen Free Download

# Gif View Master is a simple GIF visualizer; you can use this application to preview your GIFs and to find out what exactly is the smallest version of your GIFs that still keeps their quality. # If you do not have any software to do so, try this one, it’s free! # Do not forget to enter your email so you can get the latest news on updates and new free apps #


Your reviews are important to us because they help other people make better decisions. Please leave only constructive feedback, no need to leave negative.

Fantastic tool. Very easy to use. Supports a wide variety of GIF images. There is a slight delay in opening or switching to a file while it’s being saved, but, it’s very rare. I’m very happy with this app.

Good but sluggish. Closing the application and switching to other apps, and then turning back and reopening it causes it to take quite a long time to load. On the bright side, it’s free so I guess that’s how you get that kind of thing!

I use this app for previewing my image collections and to convert some of my gifs to jpeg to have them in a smaller file, so this app does exactly what I need. No more too much gimp for a basic image-previewing!

This app is quite good for what it does and does it well. Its just that it takes a hell of a long time to open and close a single gif file. I am hoping for some updates that will make the app run a little better.

Works well, no problems. I was really surprised it couldn’t open my animated Gif files, I’d really hoped it would, but it couldn’t, in fact it just gave a command prompt. No errors were shown, but it just wouldn’t open them, I figured I’d follow some of the other advice, like re-downloading it, but since it was already working I didn’t bother. I’ve since downloaded it again, and I’m using it without any problems.

I don’t own Gimp, which is a good thing. GIMP is an annoying half-open, half-full featureless mess that makes even the slightest attempt to make the user feel comfortable a chore. I wish there was an easier, more intuitive way to do so.

What’s New In Gif View Master?

• Minimalist user interface
• Very lightweight
• Image resizing tools
• Support of GIF extensions:
Gif Viewer Master is a GIF image viewer application, designed especially for work with the GIF image format.
• Like many other image viewers, users will be able to preview their GIFs in the following view, as well as choose other available output formats like JPEG or PNG.
• There is a control panel available as well, which will only allow users to pick the desired ways to view the selected file.
• Users will be provided with a wide range of basic controls, which will allow them to tinker with the way in which the loaded image is displayed, namely the GIF image width, the GIF image height and the GIF image/frame speed.
• There are a number of sliders available to perform some basic resizing of the GIF image, or to control its opacity.
• There are only two file inputs to load the files into the application, which is the number that for most of the users will be acceptable.
• Some of the supported file extensions are.gif,.png,.psd,.psd.jpg

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