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“It was crucial for us to deliver on the promise of HyperMotion with FIFA 22,” said Michael Novogratz, Executive Producer at EA SPORTS. “Every element of game play has been enhanced using this technology and we’re thrilled to be pushing the boundaries of what sports games can do.”


A New Era of Physics and Real Player Motion Capturing

The new physics engine also allows for greater control of ball movement in all scenarios, and the inclusion of a refined collision system, providing more realistic ball physics that reflect player and environment interactions.

These improvements to the physics engine allow for more refined ball control that will also come in handy when utilizing the new set pieces, including the new free kick and corner.

The player camera has been adjusted for a variety of player faces and new movements, including spin and faster sideways movements.

“The shift to FIFA 22 has really been about improving the overall game experience, and the addition of all these new features and tweaks are just the icing on the cake,” said Noah Gasque, Executive Producer on FIFA. “The end product is a football game that looks, plays and feels far more real than any game before it.”


Join us at EA Play

EA Sports will be showcasing real player motion captured content from the game at this year’s EA PLAY Showcase in May. The experience centers on a player for FIFA 22 and FIFA 20, showing off more moves, on-field interactions and animation, while providing a new perspective to how motion capture technology can be incorporated into a video game.

Additionally, the dynamic duo of Tony and Garth will be on hand to talk more about the gameplay behind the controls of the game. If you’re attending EA PLAY, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see them in action!


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Features Key:

  • Introducing ‘HyperMotion Technology.’ Gameplay is more fluid and responsive to the player as they move and receive the ball.
  • Incredible new cover star Ousmane Dembele. Watch him move like a god on the pitch.
  • New animation sets – Take it to the streets!
  • Introduces ‘Level 5’ Player Experience giving you more genuine interactions with your favorite clubs.
  • Re-designed presentation with improved lighting, effects, camera and audio.
  • Improved authentic football. Improved relationship with players in 2K games, with more stability and more atmosphere to the game.
  • Significant improvements to Ultimate Team card purchasing and gameplay..
  • In-game Story Mode featuring Jim Cheung as the narrator, delivered by Shirley Tse and announced by Jamie Redknapp.


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Developed by EA Canada in collaboration with FIFA Technical Directors, the FIFA team, and leading experts from around the world, FIFA is the world’s biggest and most authentic football game. FIFA delivers authentic, engaging, and deep gameplay mechanics that create a true feeling of playing the beautiful game.

Who is in the FIFA Video Game?

A host of football legends have featured in the FIFA lineup. The likes of Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckenbauer, Maradona, Pele, Crespo, Batistuta, Ramires, Van Der Sar, Henry, Totti, Lampard, Ronaldinho, and more have all featured in FIFA.

What modes does FIFA have?


The Football mode in FIFA is authentic, deep, and packed with features to suit the ultimate football fan. In Football, play solo or in FUT (Fantasy Ultimate Team) where you’ll take on your friends in classic 11 vs 11 matches. Or head into tournaments where you can compete against FIFA pros in a number of different challenges. With 100+ real-world leagues, 35 playable nations, true performance ratings, official transfers, badges and hairstyles, the Football mode in FIFA is the place to be for pure football action.

Create Your Legend

When it comes to creating your FIFA hero, there are two versions available. FIFA and FIFA Pro Clubs. Both are inspired by the most iconic footballers of all time, with the ability to add powerful players from any sport, all available in the FIFA Ultimate Team. The collection of EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team cards is unique in that you can mix and match cards from both FIFA and FIFA Pro Clubs.

FIFA Pro Clubs

FIFA Pro Clubs allows you to build your own FIFA team. Players come from a variety of sports, including baseball and basketball, and each player has a unique characteristic. The game also has ‘Matchday 3’ which brings you into the heart of the game, where you take charge of the team in an interactive match.


One of the hallmarks of FIFA is the Soccer mode. With local, global and online game modes, the most sought-after version of the game has players taking on each other on the pitch. The gameplay in Soccer is authentic, tactical and action-packed – but, most importantly, it’s fun! As a player, you can pick your favourite 11 players, build a squad


Fifa 22 Free For Windows 2022 [New]

FUT captures all the glory of the most passionate and influential gamer audience of all time. FUT engages fans in a way never seen before – letting them experience the most thrilling licensed game content on any platform. Gamers can trade in-game items, compete against each other, and customize their squad with more than 15 million authentic players with licensed team kits, shirts, and shoes.

FIFA Ultimate Team – Road to FIFA 20 brings EA SPORTS FIFA to life! If you’ve been playing FIFA Ultimate Team or are just a seasoned FIFA veteran, this mode will inspire your interest and get you hooked just like the real-life equivalent. Fans create a career as a professional soccer player, making the right moves at the right time, and become a soccer icon to your fans around the world.

Test new features – From individual footballing tests to tactical drills, the FIFA Football Simulation Community offers a wide variety of game modes, training tools, and activities for players of all ages, levels and FIFA experiences.

Friendlies – Host a series of personalized international friendly matches with friends and fans.

Fan events – Unleash your imagination, enhance your skills and team chemistry, and make your team’s fans proud.

Work your way through the ranks as a brand new Pro – Start off as a rookie and work your way up to becoming a high-quality one. Be the boss at the centre of the action in the most authentic and realistic Pro’s career mode ever created, where you decide when, where and how to work.

New features – We offer all kinds of new features for this year’s FIFA game.

Specific vignettes show you how to perform a typical action in the actual game.

U-23 Live, from the Premier League and around the globe – U-23 Live returns, this time integrating leagues from the actual FIFA 22 game and English Premier League, the best of the best in the world’s most competitive soccer leagues.

EA SPORTS is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. FIFA is a registered trademark of FIFA S.A. Officially licensed by FIFA. on Git.

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What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Superstar team: Manchester United vs Liverpool Dream Team
  • “Welcome to Our Village” emblems in World Cup mode: Emblems are special graphics that are only available to players when they beat a certain amount of clubs. Unlocking these emblems is based on your club’s performance during the previous cycle. They will be displayed beside the club e.g. the Royal Blue of Liverpool FC.


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FIFA is the World’s Game. For the first time ever, the gameplay and innovation have been powered by football.

The power to score

With this season, developers have gone one step further with all-new dribbling controls. Now, you can bypass a defender and find space with a flat pass, or set up a teammate with a precise chip, to open up a look to score. Even the weakest players can control their own pace and strike the ball like a world class player.

Another new player skill – the ‘Triangle’ – creates space for on-the-ball movement, bypassing multiple defenders. Players can perform tricks like dives, step overs and reverse spins – all using the new skill.

Dribbling is just the beginning. The AI has also been improved for smoother fluidity and opponents can be more challenging to beat off the dribble. There’s even greater control over the most powerful tool in the game – the shot. While Shooters can now save shots, players have greater control over where they go and where the ball travels, giving a vast array of touches, tricks and finishes on the shot.

A New Season of Innovation Across Every Mode

The ball physics have evolved to make every kick, pass, dribble and shot feel more realistic.

The new FIFA Season interface makes it easier to access your Pitch and Gameplay modes on one screen. And with this season, the new Pitch 2.0 lets you manage all your playing surfaces, make changes at the touch of a button and even run simultaneous games with up to four players.

A new feature provides insight into what makes your players tick. Watch all the skills and attributes of one of your players by pressing the Skill button.

A Revamped TV Mode

This season, you can learn more about the stars of the game from in-depth biographies and game-changing matches.

The display on the home screen has been simplified and the Time and Goals screens have been merged into a more intuitive Timeline mode. Players can also follow their favourite teams’ progress with a slick visual display of what they need to do next. And you can compare your stats to all your FIFA rivals in one screen.

A New World Cup-Style Mode for Every Country

For a real-world feel, there’s an all-new World Cup Mode for every country. This season, every country can play their own World Cup Qualifying in a highly


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