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EXE Password Protector is a desktop software app built to help you protect any EXE files from unauthorized access, with as little effort as possible.
Easy-to-use interface
There is nothing complicated about this tool. Its interface is simple, clean and straightforward. It's so intuitive that there should be no configuration issues for any kind of users, even those less familiarized with this type of software.
Basically, all you have to do is add the file that you wish to secure, choose your password (may contain up to 50 characters), and then proceed with the task. It supports any 16-, 32- or 64-bit binary executable files.
If you have any questions about the features offered by this program, you can access the help file. It describes everything the tool can do.
Main functionality
When the file selection screen pops up you are given the possibility to create a backup for the original files. After the file has been secured you can protect other files or test it directly from the utility's interface to make sure that everything worked as intended.
In addition to protecting your desired files with a password, it enables you to remove the protection. The process is fast and simple. Simply add the secured files using the built-in browse button, enter the previously set password, and then proceed with the task. After the protection has been lifted, the resulted files will be identical to the original one.
Furthermore, it comes with a failsafe mode to make sure that you won't lock your operating system. It had a good speed during our evaluation and worked without any errors.
Last few words
To sum it up, EXE Password Protector is a useful and reliable software app that enables you to protect your EXE files, as well as remove the passwords with ease. It worked smoothly during our evaluation.









EXE Password Protector

Easy-to-use, intuitive and fast application to protect EXE files.
Protect EXE files easily with a password, and easily remove the password protection.
Protect EXE files and remove the protection directly from the program’s interface.
Save your time! Protecting files is a long and tedious process, and removing the protection requires you to start over. Using this tool, it is possible to protect multiple files at once and remove them all at once, all with a single click.

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EXE Password Protector Crack + Activation Code For PC

Protect your Windows executable files from unauthorized access with EXE Password Protector Crack Keygen.
Easy to use interface
Protect any Windows executable files from unauthorized access with ease.
Simple, clean and straightforward interface.
Understandable steps for choosing your password.
You can protect other Windows executable files as well as secure your own.
Easy to remove the password
Remove the secured password in a few simple steps.
Simple tool that helps you protect and secure any Windows executable files on your computer.
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EXE Password Protector Activation Code With Keygen (April-2022)

Secure any EXE file with an easily-changed password. Protect more than one file at once with the built-in browser. Get help quickly when anything happens with your protected files.
Key features:
Protect any EXE file with a simple, easy-to-remember password.
Protect more than one file at once using the built-in browser.
Easily restore protected files with the built-in fail-safe.
Get help quickly when anything happens to your protected files.
Eliminate the hassle of manually deleting any EXE file to make sure that it’s protected.
Intuitive interface that works for any computer user.
Backup of the original file is included in the price for an optional step.
Support any type of EXE file format (incl. Windows Executables, Windows.dll, and Mac Executables).
Highly recommended: DON’T WEAR SHOES IN THE HOUSE in Titlebar or Clear Titlebar.
EXE Password Protector (ver. 5.0)
These EXE Password Protector (ver. 5.0) reviews have not yet been verified. You can read more about our total download and installation process here.

Wiztek Desktop EXE Password Protector (ver.
Once a program has been developed, the next step is to create an executable file and publish it to the internet as a shareware. This is a pain in the butt. It’s annoying to hunt for a working internet connection, when a tool like Wiztek Desktop EXE Password Protector (ver. will protect and encrypt the software and make it easy to use. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll no longer have to sign up or pay. Wiztek Desktop EXE Password Protector (ver. will encrypt the executable file for you, which you will then have to either pay, share or just leave alone. This is by no means a deal breaker. It’s a positive that you will be allowed to do whatever you want with the file you’ve encrypted. But if you wish to share the key to the encrypted file with your users, you will have to remove the encryption, which becomes a chore. This is where Wiztek Desktop EXE Password Protector (ver.

What’s New in the EXE Password Protector?

The EXE Password Protector is an easy-to-use desktop app that has a clean interface and is designed to protect EXE files from unauthorized access. You can protect your desired files with a password and make sure that they remain safe from hackers and malicious users.
Main features:
– Protect any EXE file, including RAR, ZIP, JAR and BZ2 files
– You can protect any version of a file, regardless of its size
– Each file that you secure will have a password associated with it
– You can protect multiple files at the same time
– Easy-to-use interface, with a clean and straightforward user interface
– It supports creating backup files for the original files
– Removal of the protection is also simple and straightforward
– The failsafe mode makes sure that you won’t lock your operating system
– Protecting your files is quick and easy
– It comes with a built-in help file to provide detailed info about the tool’s features and options
– Protecting any EXE file
– Removing of the protection
– A built-in help file
What’s new:
Version 1.2.10 Released
– Fixed a bug in which some files couldn’t be removed
– Fixed a bug in which the default password wouldn’t be used
– Added more recent report from user
About Pescobar:
We are a team of app developers and entrepreneurs that work hard to create awesome apps that help people achieve their goals. Our goal is to create simple and intuitive apps for each function.
If you like our app, keep following us! We appreciate any support.
What’s new:
Version 1.2.10 Released
– Fixed a bug in which some files couldn’t be removed
– Fixed a bug in which the default password wouldn’t be used
– Added more recent report from user
This app has a steam group link

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The last time I had a password protected EXE file was in 2005. All other files are protected in a way that they just require a password. This EXE file was different. It requires the exact same file name as the original, so it had to be renamed to the original file’s name. Once the exact same file name was renamed,

System Requirements:

Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista
Windows 7/Vista Processor: AMD Athlon II X2
AMD Athlon II X2 Memory: 2 GB
2 GB Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware
DirectX 9.0c compatible hardware Storage: 50 GB
50 GB Sound Card: Microsoft compatible sound card
MS compatible sound card DirectX: Version 9.0c
Recommended Requirements:
Note: Wrye Bash must be installed to run the game.
Note 2: A copy


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