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Download Super Collapse 3 Full Version For Free


3 in the Quest game mode, where each level contains a unique challenge. The developers have provided different bonuses in the process of passing each level. These are darts, kegs, number combinations and even some rare items. In addition, there is a level editor that will allow you to customize the games to your taste.
Game Features
In this game you will find interesting tasks and exciting adventures. The essence of the game is that you must solve all the riddles and get out of the room, which is teeming with a creepy-looking monster. Looking ahead, we can say that this is not quite a monster – this creature was created in order to destroy everyone who encroaches on its territory. You have to constantly hold back the attacks of the monster, and only when he is defeated, you will be able to leave the room into which he once wandered.
The game process is extremely addictive and interesting. Pass the game on the passage of the game Psychonauts 2 you can only on the first try. To do this, you will need patience and the implementation of tasks. Be careful and be ready to go through more than one level until you pass them all.



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