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Capture the desktop screen area with a mouse click!
This application allows you to easily capture the area of the screen where the cursor is located, every time you press the Print Screen key. With this easy to use application you can take any picture of your desktop with a single click on the mouse. You can capture the entire screen with the mouse cursor or any part of it, there are no limits on the type of picture you can take.
Capture your desktop in easy steps.
Edit your screenshots with ease.
Select from multiple picture sizes.
Create your own wallpaper from your screenshot.
Set your own desktop picture.
Full Screen/Part Screen capture
You can easily capture the entire screen with the mouse cursor, or a specific part of it, you can also select the area with the mouse on the taskbar.
Select your picture
You can easily create your own wallpaper from the screenshot or you can select your existing picture as the background.
Wallpaper edition
Edit your pictures with ease.
Resize, flip or rotate the image.
Add text and shapes.
Print your screen captures.
Free up extra disk space
HanCapture removes unnecessary background and replaces it with your picture.
If you don’t like the default picture, you can use your own picture as the background of the new screen.
The program can also be used to capture any area of your screen.
It also supports image transfer and editing.
This program requires at least Windows XP.

HanCapture is an effective piece of software that was developed to assist you in grabbing desktop screenshots with minimal effort, being able to automatically store them in your clipboard or save them to a predefined location.
Clean and appealing GUI
The utility features an accessible and novice-friendly appearance, with little left to the imagination thanks to the tooltips that inform you about the role of each button in the interface.
The main window lets you adjust its size and use it as an ‘Easy’ area for capturing screenshots with a single click, the tools on the left-side panel helping you edit them prior to saving them to your computer.
Effortlessly grab snapshots and edit, save or print them with a click
HanCapture features five distinct screenshot functions, in order to cater to your every possible need. As such, you can snap a picture of the ‘Easy’ area defined by the program’s window, or you can take up to one hundred ce698b3d9e

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If you cannot use WMP there are some other apps which can control KDL-500 like «videowizard for linux» in Software Center.
Try it.

I use VLC Media Player, which is a multiplatform free Media Player with a nice UI (VLC is a fork of MPlayer). It supports a lot of formats and codecs (including Windows Media Format and others). I use VLC because the software is free and available on Linux, Mac and Windows.

If you cannot use VLC there are some other apps which can control KDL-500 like «videowizard for linux» in Software Center. Try it.

The program will be removed from the Software Center, because it does not pass the compatibility tests.

I know this is an old topic, but is there a solution that anyone knows how to emulate a pls on a windows pc? If there is a solution, can it run on a dualcore 2.6 GHz CPU and 2GB RAM and a ATI Radeon 9600 Graphics Card?

In addtion, the KB462283 doesn’t work on the FX-51 series of cards so it is useless.

Haven’t found a solution, yet. Maybe someone already posted it, I guess, but I don’t see it, yet.

You don’t have to enter any IP. The FX-51 is running on a network, you just connect the USB cable to your PC and it’s done. Even if there’s only one Computer connected to the router, you can still connect it.

Tiny green arrow at the bottom of the screen means it’s connected and ready to be used. If you have other PCs/Devices connected, just open any application you want to use.

If you want to see the list of connected devices, you can open the KDL-500-ProApp window and then you can see a small list on the top left of the window.

VLC player can be installed on a different computer, so you can use the USB cable.

The only drawback is that you have to reboot the computer when you’re done with it. That’s not so important, since you just have to do it every time you plug the USB cable into another computer.

It’s recommended to try the latest version,

If it’s too new, maybe someone

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