Avangardo GPS Generator PRO Crack With Serial Key Free [Win/Mac]

The GPS Generator PRO application is Software GPS Simulator that helps  in developing, testing and debugging programs and equipment working with the NMEA-0183 protocol.
You can also use it to test navigation applications and equipment indoors even when GPS Signal is not available. One of the benefits of this program is that due to no longer needing a GPS receiver, you don't have to worry about buying one, so you save some money.
This software tool emulates the functionality of a GPS receiver and gives out GPS data based on the NMEA-0183 protocol of whichever version you choose.
The output NMEA protocol can be saved to a file or transmitted via COM port or UDP. GPS Generator PRO can be used with a hardware null-modem cable or a virtual serial port software.
Any program or equipment that works with the NMEA protocol will recognize transmitted messages, created by the GPS Generator, as data from a real GPS receiver.
You can even introduce parity errors with the generated protocol for testing consistency of operation in navigiation programs.
Along with the NMEA protocol simulator you can also  receive C# sources of NMEA protocol parser, allowing you to start working with NMEA almost instantly.







Avangardo GPS Generator PRO Crack+ Free Download X64 [2022]

Geo Location Simulator for C#  and the C/C++ programming languages;
Simulates the signal of a real GPS receiver (GPS signal, GPS satellite’s orbital parameters, lock on and processing methods);
Does not require a GPS receiver nor the GPS receiver package;
Compatible with all NMEA formats from 1.0 up to NMEA 2000;
Recognizes any hardware or software serial port;
Generates NMEA messages;
Generates parity checks for different types of messages;
Generates NMEA message with broken characteristics (this helps you to recognize problems in software)​;
Generates NMEA message without speed, course or elevation;
Perform Test checks with different message characteristics and tools;
Automatically identifies the satellite that is in view;
Compatible with programs or equipment working with the NMEA protocol;
Emits NMEA messages via UDP and/or TCP;
Output NMEA messages can be saved to a file or transmitted via COM port;
Transmits messages via virtual serial port software;
Compatible with all handheld GPS devices compatible with NMEA;
GPS Generator supports the saving and loading of latest satellite orbital parameters.
An alternative, much more powerful and advanced, version of GPS generator is also available for exclusive use on UAVs. It is named UAVgps and was developed by Avangardo in cooperation with FUJISS-AUTO. It can be read at the following link:

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Avangardo GPS Generator PRO For Windows [Updated-2022]

Patches the GPS dataseries with address parity, as well as enabling the GPS dataseries without the address parity (NMEA non-parity)

Informs the GPS dataseries time, low/high cost or no cost of the dataseries (as well as the available dataseries)

Creates the GMT-format time, date, and UTC-offset dataseries for ease of use in applications

Informs GPS dataseries speed for:

The speed of satellites – based on the true GPS or pseudo-GPS (with the optional NMEA non-parity)

For satellites in view (based on the true GPS or pseudo-GPS)

For satellites available (based on the true GPS or pseudo-GPS)

Allows for the ability to reduce/stop the dataseries

GPS Generator PRO Features:

Generates a GPS dataseries, including time, date, and UTC-offset dataseries with address parity

Allows for the ability to reduce/stop the GPS dataseries by reducing the number of dataseries

Allows for the ability to investigate the GPS hardware dataseries with a patch (GPS Generator patch)

Allows for ability to generate a specific GPS dataseries (as a string)

Allows for transferring NMEA onto COM port or UDP

Allows for saving the GPS dataseries to a file

Allows for the ability to generate parity errors

Allows for receiving C# sources of NMEA parser

Allows for receiving and send NMEA dataseries to and from COM port or UDP

Allows for the ability to receive NMEA dataseries via null-modem cable

Allows for the ability to parse NMEA dataseries with and without the address parity

Allows for the ability to turn on/off dataseries of a specific satellite

Allows for the ability to parse specific dataseries

Allows for the ability to receive/send specific dataseries

Allows for the ability to take samples of NMEA dataseries

Allows for the ability to give out the range of satellites

Allows for the ability to enable/disable NMEA dataseries

Allows for the ability to generate a pseudo-GPS dataseries

Allows for the ability to use simulated GPS dataseries

Allows for the ability to

Avangardo GPS Generator PRO With Product Key Free Download (Final 2022)

✓ Simulation of GPS satellite transmission data for two modes:  GPS_V3 and GPS_V2.
✓ Input NMEA protocol versions:  GPS_V3, GPS_V2, NMEA2000, NMEA2001, and CTP02.
✓ The possibility of displaying positions of satellites and users’ current position
✓ Possibility to simulate errors during transmission:  Bit collision, loss of bit, lost frame, lost message, lost frames
✓ Simulation of zonal (latitude) and  local (longitude) coordinate systems, also can be worked with 3D mode
✓ Possibility to perform latitude and longitude calculations in different scales by entering the appropriate values in the text field or entering desired values directly
✓ The option for calculating latitude, longitude and address at chosen position, or position at which the latitude, longitude and address is to be calculated.
✓ Output of simulated data to files and serial port:  Text, NMEA and CSV formats
✓ Possibility to produce output to a COM port by choosing between serial port or the TCP/IP port
✓ The ability to choose any other NMEA protocol versions based on a current one in the program
✓ Compatibility with Windows Platforms:  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8
✓ Possibility to receive C# sources of NMEA parser
Program Features:
• NMEA protocol emulation
• The possibility of monitoring satellites’ status
• Transmitting NMEA messages on the COM port
• NMEA simulators for the following GPS versions: GPS_V2, GPS_V3, NMEA2000, NMEA2001, and CTP02
• Description of the simulated protocol, protocols and table of frequent messages
• Possibility of sending SMS messages to any mobile phone
• The possibility to add standard NMEA protocols to your program
• Possibility to introduce errors in the NMEA protocol by using the Error function
• The option of generating two types of NMEA protocol simulators: for adding a simulated error or parity error
• Possibility of writing a simple program that will receive information from GPS Generator
• The ability to select any of the GPS versions.
What’s New in this Version:
✓ New functions and functions updates

What’s New in the Avangardo GPS Generator PRO?

1. The purpose of the application – creating of GPS simulator that emulates whole GPS satellite constellation functionality.
This program can serve as a testing and debug for GPS hardware and software. By generating data that emulate GPS signals, you can test functionality of your program or equipment without the need to purchase and install the original receiver.
And you don’t need to be concerned with the issues of licensing, availability and ownership of GPS devices. You can use GPS Simulator with NMEA-0183 for testing GPS-based equipment even when GPS signal is not available.
You can use it with null-modem cable to your PC, with virtual serial port or UDP, and even with hardware simulator – directly connected via USB.
This application supports  the following versions of NMEA protocol:
– version 4.0 (2006)
– version 5.0 (2007)
– version 5.2 (2008)
– version 6.0 (2009)
– version 6.2 (2010)
– version 7.0 (2011)
– version 7.2 (2012)
– version 8.0 (2013)
– version 8.2 (2014)
– version 9.0 (2015)
– version 9.3 (2016)
Supported OS:
– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
How to Install GPS Generator PRO?
1) This version of the software can be downloaded and unzipped from the Internet by clicking the DOWNLOAD button.
2) From the folder where you have unzipped the application, double-click on the setup.exe file.
3) Press OK when asked for installing the software.
4) After installation you will be able to use GPS Simulator.
Main features of GPS Generator PRO:
– there is option of saving GPS data to a file or displaying data by COM port or UDP.
– there is an option of introducing parity errors into received data.
– an option of presenting possible satellites from single GPS receiver, based on the reception, means that if the reception of a given satellite is not clear, another satellite will be tried.
– an option of mode of establishing connection with the GPS receiver – via null-modem cable or software virtual serial port.
The features of GPS Simulator application:
– it supports all versions of the GPS protocol from GPS-0103 to GPS-0136
– it supports all the model of GPS receiver from Trimble, Leica, Ge


System Requirements For Avangardo GPS Generator PRO:

Xbox One
HDD 100GB free or more
PlayStation 4
HDD 25GB free or more
Windows PC
HDD 60GB free or more
If you have a PC with Vista, please install latest update on your PC before downloading the game.
How to Install:
Click this button to start the installation,
After you downloaded the game, select “extract to xxxxxx” (or “extract to xxxx/xxxxxx”) in the second screen


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