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AutoCAD was designed to operate on any platform that has a Windows or macOS operating system, or a Mac OS X operating system with an x86 CPU. AutoCAD LT (formerly AutoCAD 99) is specifically designed for people who do not have a high technical skill level or who work on small projects, for which they do not require all the features of AutoCAD. AutoCAD LT is designed to operate in two distinct operating modes: as a stand-alone viewer or as a Windows client for other AutoCAD programs.

AutoCAD is used worldwide by professionals in all branches of design and drafting, for such purposes as creating architectural and engineering drawings, product design, mechanical design, schematic diagrams, assembly drawings, and technical drawings. AutoCAD is also used by technical personnel at automotive, aerospace, utility, computer, telecommunications, construction, and manufacturing companies to create detailed drawings and diagrams, as well as 3D-visualization of assembly-ready models. The program is also used by non-professionals, such as architects, builders, teachers, and hobbyists. AutoCAD is used in classrooms to facilitate learning and planning.

AutoCAD is available in several versions: AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Standard, AutoCAD LT Standard, and AutoCAD LT Enterprise. AutoCAD Classic is a discontinued version of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD is a two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drafting and design program. It is also a two-dimensional rendering and model rendering program. AutoCAD is used as both a vector graphics and bitmap graphics application.

AutoCAD is designed for use in the following types of environments:

Workstation on a desktop personal computer. The workstation can be a laptop, a desktop PC with a screen, a tablet PC, or a smartphone.

Laptop or desktop personal computer on the go. The laptop or desktop PC can be used in a tablet PC or smartphone.

Mobile or web app. AutoCAD LT is a portable version of AutoCAD. AutoCAD can be run as a web app and is available on both Windows and macOS mobile operating systems.

Software costs

There are two types of software pricing:

AutoCAD has two models, AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD LT Standard.

AutoCAD Standard requires a perpetual software license, whereas AutoC

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The Digital Project Center (DPC) is a product for creating electronic design presentations with diagrams, which allows design teams to collaborate and share design intent in an electronic format.

AutoCAD Crack uses a variety of security features, including the user’s password, which can be a four-digit passcode or an «M for maximum security» and with protection from losing access to your drawing. Users can keep their drawings within their local CAD work area, or send them over the network to be shared with others. A password is required to access an AutoCAD file, and a password is required to open an AutoCAD drawing from the Internet. However, when a drawing is sent to another person over the Internet using the My Favorites option, no password is required.

AutoCAD has a feature called Private Drawing that allows a user to password protect their drawing from other users. This is most often used to secure designs that are trade secrets. It is used when one user is creating a drawing for another company or another user is sharing designs with another company that he or she does not want to be visible. It prevents users from making changes to the drawing unless they have the password.

AutoCAD also offers User Profiles. When a user saves a drawing, it can be password-protected. This enables the creation of user profiles, which are saved with the file and then can be used to enable security, or to make other settings for all drawings saved by the user.

AutoCAD also offers version control. In Version Control, a drawing is compared to other versions and then either updated, or deleted if it is out of date. Version control is only available for AutoCAD and not for the other CAD systems. When two users are working on a drawing at the same time, Version Control lets them see who last updated the drawing and make changes without affecting one another.

AutoCAD also allows organizations to share drawings on their intranet. By default, drawings are visible only within an organization, but the file can be placed on the «Trusted Sites» or «My Favorites» sites on an organization’s intranet, so that any user in the organization can view the drawing and collaborate with other users within the organization.

AutoCAD 2011 contains a new security feature, which was an important part of the technology used by the US government in the design and implementation of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) – the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

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Insert into one table with values from another table in SQL Server

I want to insert into a table using a subset of columns from another table in SQL Server.
The source table has a large amount of columns that I do not need to populate with data, so I’d like to use a SELECT statement to only select a subset of columns for the insert into table.
The result is that I don’t get NULL values in my source table, and I don’t get duplicate rows in my destination table.
Here’s my example:
INSERT INTO MyDestinationTable
SELECT * FROM MySourceTable WHERE MySourceTable.Column1 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column2 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column3 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column4 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column5 IS NOT NULL


You need to UNION ALL your source table with your destination table and use INSERT INTO.
INSERT INTO MyDestinationTable
SELECT * FROM MySourceTable WHERE MySourceTable.Column1 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column2 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column3 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column4 IS NOT NULL AND MySourceTable.Column5 IS NOT NULL
SELECT * FROM MySourceTable WHERE MySourceTable.Column6 IS NOT NULL

You can also use CROSS JOIN and LEFT JOIN
INSERT INTO MyDestinationTable
FROM MySourceTable AS SourceTable
CROSS JOIN MySourceTable AS DestinationTable
WHERE SourceTable.Column1 IS NOT NULL
AND SourceTable.Column2 IS NOT NULL
AND SourceTable.Column3 IS NOT NULL

What’s New In?

Durable and reliable 2D floor plans: With a new API, you can automatically generate your 2D floor plan. Find out how to use this function in the course “AutoCAD Floor Plan” (also available on the Web).

Explanatory and user-friendly new command help: Learn more about the new command help and gain better insights into the operations of your drawing.

Reduced licensing costs: The base license fee is decreased from $500 to $295 per user. This means that you can install more copies of AutoCAD at no additional cost.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2023 Overview

With more tools and functions than ever before, AutoCAD has quickly established itself as the industry standard for 2D drafting. In version 2023 of AutoCAD, we’ve added numerous new features. For instance, it is now even easier to import and incorporate feedback from sheets of paper. You can also generate accurate 2D floor plans for your projects. With the new command help function, you can quickly access information about the individual commands and functions.

One-click command execution and preview

You can use the latest in command execution technology, 1-Click. This allows you to execute any command on the drawing in just one click. In addition, you can preview the drawing changes in real time without leaving your design environment.

Revisions to 2D floor plan

With AutoCAD Floor Plan, you can quickly generate 2D floor plans. The 2D floor plan allows you to create an orthogonal drawing that shows the interior and exterior layout of a structure. In the 2D floor plan you can incorporate the widths of the walls, windows, doors and railings and apply AutoCAD’s accurate 3D calculations.

Floor plan model imports

Import floor plans from existing drawings or models. If you’ve used AutoCAD Floor Plan for creating floor plans, this feature is now available in AutoCAD.

Floor plan model export

You can export floor plans to PDF, DXF, DWG, DWF, TIF and JPG files.


Save your financial data and reports in InfoPath.

Precision measurement functions

You can use the new precision measurement functions. The tool, which is already available in AutoCAD, has been expanded and will be available to new users in the �

System Requirements:

Supported OS:
Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 64bit.
Windows Vista 32bit.
Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher
Intel i3, i5, i7 or above.
AMD Athlon X2, Athlon X3, Athlon 64, Phenom
2 GB or more
Hard Disk:
750 MB or more
Video Card:
128 MB or more
How To Install the Game:
Step 1: Copy the

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