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AutoCAD is free for all users to use in academic and non-commercial settings for up to five users. For commercial and production use, AutoCAD is available for purchase, as a subscription and on a perpetual license model. AutoCAD is one of the world’s most widely used CAD software applications.

Overview of AutoCAD software

AutoCAD is a commercial CAD application. It was created by the AutoCAD team at Autodesk and is built on the company’s 2D/3D vector graphics and drawing technologies, such as DWG (dwg), DXF (dxf), PDF (pdf), IGES (iges), and 3DS (3ds). In addition to 2D drafting tools, AutoCAD supports the following:

Drafting and visualization

Planar and profile analysis

Proportional and fixed-scale engineering

Surface design




Architectural design

Hazard and risk analysis

Data capture

Drafting and visualization

AutoCAD provides 3D and 2D drafting tools for the drafting of walls, floors, roofs, frames, beams, columns, and other geometric objects. The software also includes utilities to create and edit closed and open graphical entities, called block entities, as well as to generate assembly instructions.

AutoCAD tools for drafting

Drawings may be viewed in the default orthographic view (the default view in AutoCAD is the viewport). The viewport is a rectangle on the screen and can be modified to its horizontal or vertical size, allowing for a different view of the model. The viewport is populated with graphical components, which may be drawn (placed) on the drawing canvas. These components include geometric entities such as shapes, dimensions, text labels, lines, and points.

Each component can be positioned, viewed, and rotated independently of the rest of the drawing model and the viewport. In addition, components may be linked together to create complex shapes and structures. In AutoCAD 2020, a new tool called the Measuring Tools (Measure) was added that allows users to measure and create angles from line segments (notably, it does not work with the Line tool, but from the new Drawing Creation tools). The new tool is useful for creating shape angles and check angle guidelines.

When creating a drawing,

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The format is also used for its own modeling tools, notably the modeler, solid modeling, and mechanical design applications, which are based on the ObjectARX library, and some old form of its AutoCAD extension, written by other developers.


AutoCAD was originally developed to address the demands of graphic design in architecture. It was first released in 1985 by 3D Systems Inc. as the Architec 4D program, which was significantly different from its current incarnation. The name AutoCAD was a 1980s’ marketing term referring to the AutoCAD logo. The first AutoCAD version was 2D and presented on a CRT screen with a command line interface.

The first version of the product was released in 1986. 3D Systems Inc. published in 1988 a version 2.0 of AutoCAD 3D modeler and a 3D rendering system. The next year, 1989, AutoCAD 3D was renamed to AutoCAD Architecture. In 1990, AutoCAD Architecture became the first AutoCAD product to have a Web-based interface and was the first commercial product to offer 3D user interface using CAD standards such as DSCM, and ADM.

For the 1992 New York Auto Show, AutoCAD had a software demonstration booth, where some of the features of AutoCAD Architecture were shown for the first time. Later that year, the AutoCAD 3D (Architecture) product was renamed to AutoCAD 2D and released as a Windows application. On January 16, 1992, the first product, AutoCAD 2D, went on the market. It had the ability to display text, change brush type, and be saved as.HIT or.DWG format. Later that year, the name changed again to AutoCAD Architecture 2D.

By 1994, AutoCAD 2D was no longer in development. The product was renamed to AutoCAD 2.5 and released in 1995 with better file compatibility. This version was the first to have an interface with a 3D look and feel. Also in 1995, the first version of AutoCAD Architecture 3D was released. In 1999, AutoCAD Architecture 3D 3D was renamed to AutoCAD 3D, but was renamed again to AutoCAD Architecture 3D in 2001. In the same year, AutoCAD was renamed to AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD LT has not been maintained since then.


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What’s New in the?

Use the Autodesk 360 cloud to send files directly to AutoCAD, using the same tool that you use to send files to other Autodesk cloud services.

Improvements to the 3D Warehouse:

New search and filtering tools on the Search & Query tab:

• New search functions to search Autodesk 360 3D models by the files they were created from.

• Find all the 3D models that were created from a specific file, and filter them by manufacturer or subject.

• Filter or sort models by the parts in the model.

• Filter by the parts that contain a specific feature.

Product Synchronization Service (PSS):

The PSS service integrates your drawings with Autodesk 360 3D models and PowerBI dashboards so that you can access the models from within your AutoCAD drawings.

Improvements to the UI for the DXF Import and DXF Export tools:

• The import DXF dialog now offers four additional options for importing files from a folder.

• You can now import from multiple files at once.


New tutorial videos:

A new video tutorial to help you get started using the DXF import and export tools. This is a shorter version of the “AutoCAD 2023 DXF Import and Export Tips and Tricks” video you can find here. (1:24 min.)

Improved documentation:

• Improved search engine for searching Help files.

• Improvements to the sidebar and manual search tabs in Help, including the ability to reorder content and add other files.

Interface improvements:

• The navigation bar in AutoCAD has been streamlined to provide a visual overview of your drawing and toolbars.

Enhancements to the Windows Desktop:

• Now you can start a new drawing in the current window of AutoCAD if you have multiple open.

Enhancements to the Network Support:

• Added support for 3D Warehouse file types in Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization. (video: 1:26 min.)

Changes to File Formats and Stored Objects:

• Stored objects now support file format updates.

New Features in AutoCAD Tools for AutoCAD 2020 and 2019:

• Improvements to the 2D tools for the Batch Digitizing feature

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Supported OS: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU at 1.6 GHz
Intel Pentium 4 CPU at 1.6 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Hard Drive: 300 MB HD space
300 MB HD space Video: GeForce 4, Radeon 7000/800 series
GeForce 4, Radeon 7000

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