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The basic interface of AutoCAD resembles that of a sheet-metal press, with a main window into which you place drawing and object data. To create a drawing, use the standard drawing commands. For example, to create a simple rectangle, use the Rectangle command. To make an object interactive, such as a link (arrow) or title block, use the Object menu and click or press ENTER.

AutoCAD interface


AutoCAD has many advantages over other CAD programs. The following are listed in order of relative importance.

1. AutoCAD is much easier to learn. A basic knowledge of the Windows operating system is all that is required. Although you will need to learn the AutoCAD commands, they are very easy to remember.

2. You can design complex mechanical and architectural drawings for buildings, bridges, and other structures from a single command. AutoCAD has a basic structural design capability that rivals that of many 3-D modeling programs.

3. You can share your drawings with colleagues and clients quickly and efficiently.

4. AutoCAD runs on virtually any type of microcomputer with a graphics interface.

5. AutoCAD comes in a variety of editions and versions, including native software and cloud-based versions for both Macs and Windows.

6. You can customize a number of its menus and buttons to meet your own preferences. For example, you can assign a shortcut to a drawing command or change the setting for a specific tool.

7. AutoCAD has an unlimited number of drawing layers. Each layer is separated from the next by a drop-shadow, which can be changed to a solid color. (See Understanding layers, pages -.)

8. AutoCAD supports Windows operating systems from Windows 95 and higher and all versions of Mac OS and Unix.

9. Although Autodesk developed AutoCAD as a desktop application, it runs on computers and mobile devices. For example, you can create, edit, and view drawings on your mobile device when you are out and about. (See Using AutoCAD mobile apps, pages -.)

10. You can easily send drawings to your web browser for viewing online.

11. You can easily share drawings with colleagues and clients.

12. You can share drawings with colleagues and clients through secure file transfer.

13. You can automate drawing processes.

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AutoCAD features object-based and custom commands. Object-based commands are available from the Object Manager. Commands are object-based commands, and cannot be executed directly through the toolbars or the command line.

Visual LISP

Visual LISP supports command line, scripting, and customization of the AutoCAD API. It can be used to develop AutoCAD plug-ins. It is a version of the Lisp programming language implemented as an add-on for the Autodesk Architectural Desktop. It also runs on Microsoft Windows and AutoCAD LT.


AutoLISP supports command line, scripting, and customization of the AutoCAD API. The language is object-oriented.


A Macro-enabled version of Visual Basic is available for AutoCAD through the VBA macro language. VBA provides for scripting of complex and repetitive tasks.

Visual Studio Tools for Office

AutoCAD (and AutoCAD LT) can be run on Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office includes VBA) and is installed with Microsoft Visual Studio Community.

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Open the program and start a new project.
Select the ribbon shown in the following image.

Move the unit to the bottom of the page.
Right-click in the upper right corner and click on Export to FBX.
Change the file type from DXF to FBX.
Select the Scale. If you are working with objects imported from a
solid model, you can simply place the solid model on the page.
If you are working with objects imported from a surface model,
you will have to place the surface model on the page.

Click on the… button and add your FBX file.

Setting up an assembly view
This section will discuss how to configure the view settings
for an assembly.

The following steps outline the process to setup the assembly view settings.

1. Select Manage Data.
2. Select the Build Site option.
3. Select the assembly you wish to view and expand it.
4. Right-click the assembly name and select View.
5. Select Window > Assembly View > Clone View.
6. Set the window alignment, size, and scale.

You can also double click on the View Window panel. A window with the
same size and view settings will appear. The window can be moved and

The clone view window is visible in the default position. To change
its position, you can do the following:

1. Select View > View Window > Anchor.
2. You can also press the Ctrl and click on the window.

If you want to move the view window but keep its size and scale,
you can press the Alt key and drag the window.

If you want to resize the view window but keep its position and scale,
you can press the Ctrl key and drag the window.

If you want to resize the view window to the default window size and
scale, you can press the Ctrl key and drag the window.

If you want to change the scale of the view window to 1:1, you can
press the Ctrl key and drag the window.

The following screenshots outline the process to set view settings for
an assembly:

For a new assembly view, you can follow these steps:

1. Select View > View Window > Clone View.
2. Set the window size, scale, and position.
3. To set up an assembly view from a model, follow these steps.
4. Select Build Site

What’s New In?

Comment on your drawings and specify revisions to your drawing. Markup assist points, annotates and comments on specific lines and regions.

Work with a group of AutoCAD users on your design. Launch the drawing and invite users to comment on the drawing, in real-time, as they collaborate. Edit comments and make changes at the same time. (video: 1:18 min.)

Export your drawings to PDF. The PDF Export utility features include easy navigation to individual pages, pages of comments and annotations, and multi-page document creation.


Manage your guides at the component level. Apply guides to complex shapes, composite parts, and even complex documents. Customize guides for every section in a drawing, even text components like captions, labels and legends. You can even have different guide styles for different components. (video: 1:38 min.)

Place marks on your shapes for the purpose of measuring and cutting. Place circles or squares in the X and Y direction and measure distances using the same guide line. The new Insert Shape Mark tool places the selected shape on the drawing canvas, a way to select the size of a shape, and with the Edit Mark dialog, the marking can be easily changed or edited. (video: 1:46 min.)

Retrieve and manage your stored customizations. Designers can use the Customize User Interface dialog box to access previously installed CUI settings and customize the way the interface behaves. (video: 1:58 min.)

Inserting a symbol using AutoCAD 2012’s new Insert Symbol command was more complicated. When the Symbols tab opens, it’s easy to choose from a list of predefined symbol templates, or add your own. But once symbols are inserted, finding them can be a challenge. Now, you can access a list of recently used symbols and symbols from the current drawing, or even symbols from your library. (video: 1:48 min.)

Support for Command Line Input:

Initiate commands using the command line interface, or command-line mode, similar to how you would initiate a command using the toolbar. Commands and parameters are specified using lists separated by spaces. The command line enables you to write complex commands and collect multiple parameter values in one go.

External Data Viewer:

Quickly view, edit and save external data formats including CSV, TSV, and XML. You can also open external

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7, 8, and 10.
Mac OS 10.9 or later.
Minimum of 1GB of RAM.
16GB of free hard disk space.
AMD Radeon HD 2000 or greater.
Supports DirectX 11.
For a full list of system requirements, please visit the official website:
Because the game requires high frame rate support, I recommend to download the game in fullscreen resolution and resolution maximum (1920×1080 or 1080p). You can play the game with lower resolution with the option of scaling it up for

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