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The Application Access Server was developed to make the PC administration possible over LAN and WANs.
So you should look for a tool this shall start programs, stop services, manage processes, deinstall software or simply report system information over the internet. The A-A-S is a good choice.
With his «Stealth Mode» he makes the pc administration possible, without port scanner notice the host service. The control is carried out over a built-in HTML server. Everything you need is a HTML browser on the client side.
At attacks from the internet the A-A-S reacts very sensitive. Every attack has the consequence that the attacker is put on a «black list» and he got never an access although he writes the right password.







Application Access Server [April-2022]

The A-A-S is a Windows Service that runs in the background and is invisible to the user. It uses a special protocol with a built-in HTTP server that was designed to administer the PC without any notice. You can log in to the A-A-S over the internet to control the PC. What’s great about this is that the A-A-S reacts to attacks by withdrawing funds from the «black list».
The Authentication of the A-A-S is based on a dial-up connection. The A-A-S is great for attacks over the internet, because the A-A-S is invisible to the users and therefore he cannot notice that the PC is being attacked.
We recommend using an encryption for the connection to the A-A-S to protect the confidential data. It is a must to get an SSL certificate. Encryption is not recommended as a security measure, but for the protection of confidential data.
If you need to reverse-engineer the protocol of the A-A-S you can do it with the Software «Network Protocol Analyzer 2.0» by XJSoft.
The A-A-S supports the following protocols:
telnet, ftp, ftps, smtp, pop3, imap, snmp, ssl, ping, ntp, dns, ldap, telnet
The A-A-S can be run in stealth mode and used as an App-Locker. The A-A-S can be controlled over LAN and over WAN. The port number used for control is generally 7575, but you can use any port number. You can configure the A-A-S to use a password or an encryption for the authentication of the PC.
You can use the A-A-S to install software like a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), a file manager (Nautilus, Explorer, Roxio, Norton Commander) or a calculator (MathType, any BASIC, MS DOS, MFC,…). The A-A-S can provide you with application commands like start, stop, pause, resume and terminate. You can see system information like processor, memory, display type, hard drive size, hard drive speed, clock,… The A-A-S can manage network services (Firewall, AntiVirus, Repository, Update,…). The A-A-S can be integrated into your deployment or maintenance process.

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For net administrators it is the first choice to make pc administration possible without being noticed over the internet. The «stealth mode» is a very important feature. In addition the Application Access Server Cracked Accounts makes it possible to operate from behind a firewall. If you have a firewall you can protect your pc against external attacks.Q:

What is the basic difference between the survival mode, arcade mode and campaign mode in the Metal Gear Solid games?

I want to know what is the basic difference between the survival mode, arcade mode and campaign mode in the Metal Gear Solid games?


Survival mode
The main aim of survival mode is to complete a mission in as few minutes as possible with the maximum amount of items.
If you have the checkpoint items (Capsules) and all the items/sub-weapons are owned, you can also build them around you, making your point A, your point B and your base as temporary points. When you have the maximum amount of time left, you’ll end up at point A.
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If you take too long, there will be a time penalty that will eventually lead to game over.
Arcade mode
This is the mode that is just for fun. No time limit, no checkpoints, no map, very simple and easy to play with.
It has most of the weapons (except the Walkman/Killer-Bat and the Electro-Bat) in any order and with no restrictions.
Campaign mode
This is where the actual mission take place and you are often back to point A.
Some missions have some checkpoints where you can save your progress (like in Zanzibar Land in Metal Gear Solid 2).
Sometimes, there are area to occupy (like in Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid 2) but there is no guaranteed safe place to wait for the timer to end before you leave the area.
There are some items that are not usable when

Application Access Server (LifeTime) Activation Code [32|64bit]

Powerful, easy to use, flexible and cross platform program for secure administration of your PC. No installation, no user training. The reliable Stealth Mode makes the server invisible!

Supported Features:

• Start and stop services with options
• Manage processes
• Kill processes
• Uninstall software with options
• Report system information
• Security options: DoS, Port Scanning
• Stealth Mode, Firewall, Logging, Caching
• Support over LAN and WAN
• Built-in HTTP Server
• Built-in file server
• Web-based GUI
• File Export
•.CAB Import/Export support

You can find the newest version at:

Application Access Server Options:

– Always check the following for integrity:

1. ActiveX-Plugins.
2. Microsoft-Access-Plugins (used for databases, linked lists,…).
3. Backdoor-Dll.
4. Trojan-Dll.
5. Files in temp folder.
6. Files in registry.
7. Strings in file.
8. User-Directory-Strings in file.
9. System-DLLs in ntdll.dll.
10..log Files in program folder.
11. Infringing software installed.
12. Infringing software left at system idle-moment.
13. User-DBMs left at system idle-moment.
14. User-Settings in registry.
15. Type, Number, Size, Version, Date of User-Settings.

* Service-Launches can be protected by the use of a «key» or a «hash».

* System-Info is updated all the time.

* Program-Settings are stored in REG_SZ-Variables in registry. The settings should be entered manualy.

* Remote-Control is acheived by the use of a custom HTML-Browser.

* FTP-Files are sorted in thumbnails with thumbnails images of the workstations.

* Automatic backup is acheived by the use of a remote service or a local file server.

* Application Access Server is a pure browser-based tool.

I hope this shall help you.
If you have any problems you

What’s New In?

The program can be started on the server machine (Installer). The A-A-S can be started with one click in the system tray and manages the events of the server.
There are two possibilities: The administrator starts the control manually or the administrator receives an SMS or email message when the host service is started or stopping. The SMS is an attempt to give up fake information.

Service status:
The program offers an overview of the running services. With each service the status, PID, starttime, endtime, user, comments and the software to launch can be read.
Configuration of the program is very easy. The administrator (with the installation of the program on the server) enters the IP address of the target host.
The rules are read from an XML file into memory.
Shared Credentials for the A-A-S software and additional users:

The administrator enters the user name and password of the user or the user name of the user family.
The administrator enters the user name and password of the specified user in the administration of the A-A-S.
The administrator enters the user name and password of the user with the «Password Reveal Server» version.

I have no experience with MSDN online. But you can buy updates from the Microsoft online shop. I did not test it, but maybe it works well.
The update of the version 5.0 looks better. The version 6.0 and 7.0 are only for Windows 2000 and XP respectively. I have the version 5.0.

Microsoft Application Access Server 5.0

Features of the A-A-S Version 5.0

Version 5.0 is the stable version for Windows 2000 (SP4) and Windows XP.
I have not test it.

The program can be started with one click in the system tray and shows in the system tray the events of the server.
There are only some exceptions.

Identify the target host with one click.
Shows the status of the services.

Cannot be installed on a server when it is started. (If you start a server you have to close it, after that you can install the server program.)

Cannot be started from the firewall of the server.

Cannot be installed or uninstalled when you have it running.

XML file with the list of service. (Options: disable, check)

System Requirements For Application Access Server:

OS: OS X 10.11.5 or later
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or later
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 200 GB free space
OS: OS X 10.12 or later
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or later
Memory: 16 GB RAM
The screen shots may vary from one device to another. The captured screenshots are for informational purposes only.
What’s New in Version 4.9.1

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