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■ A graph visualization and rendering application
■ Reads an easy-to-learn graph description language
■ Supports interactive graphs zooming, panning and navigation
■ Calculates various kinds of layouts of user-defined graph hierarchies
■ Contains layout algorithms based on force-directed, flow-directed, shortest path, gravity-directed, intersection-based, bidirectional, fuzzy-based and evolutionary strategies
■ Includes 15 basic layout algorithms
■ Allows for custom graph layouts
■ Allows for customized node labels
■ Allows for customizable edge labels and edge colors
■ Allows for different graph orientations
■ Allows for node/edge visibility and node/edge selection
■ Allows for the creation of cross-references between nodes and edges
■ Supports automatic generation of DHTML and JavaScript navigation
■ Allows for data filtering
■ Allows for re-ordering nodes in a hierarchy
■ Allows for creation of custom commands, hyperlinks and pop-up windows
■ Allows for sorting of nodes and edges in a graph
■ Allows for hypertext navigation between graphs and subgraphs
■ Allows for the export of graphs to BMP, colored PostScript, SVG, PNG and HTML
■ Allows for automatic rotation of nodes in a graph
■ Allows for the automatic positioning of nodes
■ Allows for a polar or a cartesian fish-eye view of a graph
■ Allows for the export of a graph to PowerPoint, Word or any other PowerPoint document
■ Allows for automatic scrolling of graphs and transition between graphs
■ Allows for animation of series of graphs
■ Allows for the display of graphical text
■ Allows for easy navigation with up to three additional information windows
■ Allows for customization of the graph view, such as customizable edge labels and edge colors
■ Allows for the display of a graph with the average node size, the number of edges, and the average edge length
■ Allows for the display of the tree view of a graph
■ Allows for the display of the control flow graph of a graph
■ Allows for the display of the graph hierarchy of a graph
■ Allows for the automatic coloring of edges according to node/edge type
■ Allows for the automatic generation of

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AiSee Crack+

aiSee is a pure Java application. It has been developed since 1996 and it runs on Windows platforms. It was released under the GPL license on September 2001. The application has a long list of extensions, improvements, new features, bug fixes and a lot of new versions, but you can download and install it without any kind of limitation.
aiSee was developed on SUSE Linux 9.3, on FreeBSD 8.0, on Apple Macintosh OS 9, and on Apple OS X 10.5. It has been tested on several Windows versions.
The application is available as a ZIP archive, which contains:
■ AiSee.exe (executable application for Windows)
■ AiSee.exe.jnlp (Java applet, for Mac and Windows)
■ AiSee Help file in PDF format (all current versions)
■ License information and description file (GPL)
■ AiSee icon, 12 sizes
■ AiSee user manual and tutorial
■ README.txt file
■ aiSee file, which contains all the required files and registry entries for the installation.
The user manual can be downloaded here:

AiSee Help file can be downloaded here:

The user manual is available in PDF format:

The user manual is available in HTML format:

The source code is available for download here:

Note: in some cases the download of the aiSee source code for the latest version (1.5) from here can take a few minutes.
But be aware, that in other cases, the download might take a few hours. It is on my servers and your download speed will also depend on your Internet connection speed.
The copy of the aiSee source code which I published on my server should not be considered as an official version. I simply wanted to make it easier for you to download the application.
Also, the version I published is a development version, and it might have some bugs.
I would be glad to

What’s New in the AiSee?

aiSee is an open source visualization tool for graph layouts. This project was started with the idea to show the results of graph algorithms in a visual way. To this aim, iSee can generate HTML layouts based on a XML or GDL file. iSee can also produce animated graphs with Javascript.

April 2015

Silicon – Hypervisor – Interface (SILI) is a programming library for Xen. SILI provides a C++ library to program various Xen interfaces (memory management, block I/O, CPU,…). This library is designed to implement a high-level programming abstraction and to hide the physical Xen interface.
There is a SILI tutorial and a version of the SILI library to test SILI.
As Xen is becoming more and more mature, SILI is becoming less and less relevant.

December 2014

Zeus is a software development framework for software that communicates via HTTP requests and replies, consisting of a HTTP server, various HTTP client programs, a TCP/IP stack, and a URL dispatch system.
Zeus was originally developed in 1992 by Ari Seidman and David Perry for the Genus operating system. Later Ari, Dave and others of the Genus team (Rishi Sethi, Jeff Heer, John Mark Walker, Grant Gruber, Eric Meng, Jim McKean, and others) made a few modifications and additions, and this evolved into the Zeus software. In 1993, Eric Meng and Jim McKean made some more modifications, and that became the Zeus 3.0 release.
Zeus has been used for many years and is still used in many different operating systems and applications.

August 2015

The OpenEmbedded Project (OEP) is the project to provide the essential embedded Linux system configuration and build infrastructure for the GNU/Linux platform. The core project is maintained by the OpenEmbedded Board Support Package (BSP) project, and a wider community maintains the OpenEmbedded Open Source Packaging.
The OpenEmbedded Open Source Packaging is a packaging infrastructure for the OpenEmbedded project that consists of, in addition to OpenEmbedded modules and libraries, a web-based discovery tool, deployment and update tools, and a management tool.
All released versions of OE.QEMU are built on top of the OpenEmbedded Open Source Packaging.
The OE.QEMU project has published several release tarballs since 2009.
The following is a list of releases of OE.QEMU since version 1.2 (latest), in order of first release:

September 2015

dnsmasq is a lightweight, caching DNS server for POSIX systems. It supports query hints to speed up queries, DNSSEC, negative caching to speed up subsequent queries for nameerified sites, and it supports IP address based dnsmasq instances, by means of dnsmasq-specific configuration

System Requirements For AiSee:

OS: Windows 10 64bit
CPU: Intel® Core i5, AMD Phenom II or equivalent.
GPU: ATI or nVidia DirectX 11 GPU.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM, recommended.
CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo or equivalent.
RAM: 4 GB of RAM, recommended.
More Information:
Official website:

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