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This instruction is used in the following sample code: MOV AL, [BX] ; AL = second byte of input BX MOV CL, [BX+2] ; CL = second byte of input BX+2 MOV [CL], AL ; copy second byte of input BX+2 to input BX MOV [CL], AL ; repeat last instruction (two times) MOV [CL], […]

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Window Pinner enables you to pin windows on a dual monitor. In a normal working environment, the main task of your PC is to focus on a single window or a set of windows. When you open the application, Window Pinner instantly opens all the active windows. You can quickly pin one window on the […]

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Support macros created in any other application and copy them to this application. Windows only. DMACCOUNT Description: Extract DMACCOUNT data from Windows log files. Windows only. CTRLF Description: Create.CTRLF files (i.e. CTRL+F files) in text files. Windows only. REGEDIT Description: Windows registry edit tool (i.e. registry editor). Windows only. RENAME Description: Perform rename of files, […]

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A powerful macro language to improve efficiency. Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS comes in the form of a Microsoft Office 2007 add-in to provide users with one of their most pledged functions. This particular software allows you to quickly and easily export as well as save your work in eight of the Microsoft Office […]

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A lightweight macro recorder, you can record any keystroke (or key combos) with the options to choose which keys you want to be recorded and which ones are going to be the input for the macros. The program also makes your life easy with their short saving interval, they help you save all of your […]

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dotConnect for Oracle Express Edition is a data provider for Oracle that features support for Object-relational mapping (ORM) and is capable of building on ADO.NET technology, thus providing advanced computer users with a complete solution for Oracle-based database app development. We are looking for a Technical Support Professional to join our client’s team in Northbrook. […]

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1) Automatically converts audio, video, and image files 2) Creates WAV, FLAC, M4A, MP3, MP4, OGG, and WMA files from almost any audio, video, and image formats 3) Supports an extensive list of file types such as: a) Audio files including WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, and MP3 b) Video files including AVI, […]

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To perform all the functionality of msInspect, you must be registered to the API server. You must have a valid API key and password. These credentials are also required to use the API functions. msInspect allows you to perform the following functions: • Edit msInspect’s Configuration and API Settings. • Import data from existing mzXML […]

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git-cola is a graphical interface for Git that aims to help users manage their Git repositories from the desktop. It makes it possible to launch Git repositories, create and merge branches, browse tracked files, export tarballs from Git, apply patches, use a browser to fetch history from remote repositories, view differences in old and changed […]